In fact, the SG2000 is one of the most collectible and valuable Yamaha guitars in the used market today, and there is plenty of good reason for that. Model (1995, Blue), Fender Telecaster (1977, Natural Wood, Status Quo Signed), Fender Telecaster (1978, Translucent Cherry), Fender Telecaster (Tobacco Sunburst, 1972), Fender Telecaster Custom No-caster ( B-Bender, 2000s). The SG-500 likewise disappeared at this time, though it returned in ’81 or ’82 as the SBG-500 (SG-800S in Japan). This was the most debated and certainly the rarest . ISHIBASHI MUSIC. The ’74 SG-175 was a pretty guitar with a carved mahogany top was trimmed in abalone inlay. It appears to have been an SG-700 with white binding on the top and an even plainer flower inlay on the head. Bridge sits on a brass block set into the body (Santana's suggestion) for added sustain. The tone of Carlos Santana’s Yamaha SG guitar can be heard on a number of landmark recordings, one of the most notable being 1977’s Moonflower. In ’74 these were joined by more models. Less noticeable were the new, black-plastic covered Spinex high-output humbuckers. Instead of being a neck-through, it was set-neck with solid mahogany and did not have the brass sustain plate under the bridge. 5.0 out of 5 stars. A  hardshell case was standard. Buy It Now. The SG-1300T, 1300-24, and 1000-24 probably lasted only a year through ’84. The SG-30A was essentially the same as the SG-30, but with a maple body. The 700 had traditional black plastic pickup covers with only one row of poles exposed. The SG 2000 is the culmination of Santana's question for sustain and tone and is really one of a kind. Of all the excellent – and generally unheralded – guitars built by Yamaha over the years, none has achieved quite the legendary status as the Yamaha SG-2000 (SBG-2000), based primarily because of its association early on with Carlos Santana. Each came with a laminated pickguard and an optional brass pickguard. SG-2000 Electric Guitar / 1976 The SG2000 was the result of further modification of the SG based on the advice of Carlos Santana. Top of the range The finetune bridge had metal saddles, and the stop tail was engraved with a harp-and-scroll design. The SG-1500 was similar to the SG-2000 except it had a set neck, dot inlays, chrome hardware, and was available in cherry sunburst, red and black. Thanks to Santana at his live, SG-2000 drew worldwide attention. From Japan. They were available through ’85. The export SG-1500 appears to have lasted through ’78 or possibly into ’79, probably at the same time as the SBG changes came about. While Santana clearly loved his custom Yamaha SG-175, he also noticed numerous areas where the guitar could be improved and collaborated with Yamaha to develop his ideas. These lasted until around 2001. In a 1976 flyer where Yamaha introduces the new SG series the SG 1500 appears as second in line after the SG2000. Most noticeable was the addition of Mexican abalone purfling to the top. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. No information is available on this guitar and it probably didn’t last long. Yamaha SG-2000, electric guitar, Cream White 2000s . The Guitarist Jimi Hendrix was born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington. ( Log Out /  Carlos Santana’s Electric Guitars: 1950s Gibson Les Paul Special. Electronics were conventional two-humbucker, same as on the SG-175. Minimum purchase required. Others undoubtedly exist. 3 user reviews. This model made it at least through ’79, and possibly a year or two more. Free returns . $870 + $200 Shipping. These initial Yamaha SGs lasted until mid ’76 when they were replaced by the SG-2000. Second Hand Yamaha SG2000 1978; Second Hand Yamaha SG2000 1978 Includes Original Case Serial Number: {{currentSerialNumber}} Manufacturer photo + Description Specs Finance Reviews Delivery Description Second Hand Items Disclaimer. The Yamaha SG  had its roots in two new solids that debuted in late 1973 – the Natoh mahogany bodied SG-35 and Katsura-wood SG-30. Yamaha SG2000 Santana Guitar 1978 With original case very good condition Japan . This guitar looked like a fancy SBG-2000 with gold-plated hardware, but it also sported significant differences. The results were the SG-2000, SG-1500, SG-1000, SG-700 and SG-500, introduced in ’76. Instead of a set neck, it featured a three-piece mahogany/maple/mahogany laminated neck-through design conducive to greater sustain. Five finishes were available initially – cherry sunburst, brown (tobacco) sunburst, cherry, brown (tobacco) and black. The model shown commemorated 30 years of Yamaha electric guitars in 1995 and was issued and sold in Japan only. Both were set-neck, carved-top mahogany guitars with a little elevated pickguards. Avg used price: $1,958. Product presentation . Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Item Information. Launched in 1973, Yamaha's third generation of SG six-strings changed the perception of the Japanese guitar, from copies to serious instruments on a par with their US equivalents. For your viewing pleasure here is Santana performing the classic “Black Magic Woman” live in 1977. Product replaced by the Yamaha SG2000 [2007-?]. An SG-1500 was introduced in Japan in ’81, but with different specs, so we’ll discuss that as a new model. German Rock Icons Scorpions Retiring For Good! This was another set-neck guitar that differed from the earlier SG-800 in that it now sported dot inlays and white bobbins on exposed pickup bobbins. Quick Responder. Never saw him play that one. Likewise the SG-35A (maple). In ’76, Yamaha produced a limited edition SG-2000 Devadip model with a fancy engraved pearl inlay on the belly of an antique Japanese woman in native dress holding a flower, obviously inspired by Santana’s custom SG-175. The SG-90 was plain, with simple top binding, no binding on the fingerboard, dot inlays, and chrome hardware. The SG-50 was similar to the SG-30, but with a glued-in neck with dot inlays and a large, laminated pickguard that went from the upper horn down to the lower bout. Classic Designs Shibuya, Japan. Yamaha SG2000 Santana Guitar 1978 With original case very good condition Japan. Yamaha SG 2000 Yellow . Including sustain plate, T-cross maple etc. While Yamaha was involved in modifying the SG-2000, no new models seem to have appeared. Replacing the flat back of the SG-175 was a contoured back with a scoop out of the top waist to increase playing comfort. Little information is available on the SG-1300, but it was probably a set-neck with a white-and-black top binding, clay split-wing inlays in bound rosewood, gold hardware, the new bridge and Spinex pickups, with the 2000 headstock inlay. The SG-1000, which was the second-in-line model in Japan, had some differences. But Yamaha continued to produce custom shop SGs. These were based on the original Santana model and featured a fancy engraved pearl and gold inlaid Buddha on the guitar belly. How long this lasted is also unknown, but it was not in the ’84 Japanese catalog. It is a Yamaha SG for the serious collector but apart from that it is a sublime player and just sounds immense as these all do . Early Years The head of the SG-2000 featured the now-standard double-dipped shape, with five-ply binding, a block lettering logo, and a fancy three-piece floral inlay. ( Log Out /  The distinctive body inlay work featuring a Buddha image that was intended to convey the high quality of Japanese products to the world. Carlos Santana's own guitar, exhibited at w:en:Musical Instrument Museum (Phoenix) (MIM) Date: 8 April 2011, 14:36 (UTC) Source: Carlos_Santana_guitars,_MIM.jpg; Author : Carlos_Santana_guitars,_MIM.jpg: Kevin Spencer; derivative work: Clusternote (talk) This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. While these new SGs started to become noticed, Takabayashi and his staff went to work improving the guitar’s design. Return to previous page. 1 product rating - Yamaha SG-2000 1977 Electric Guitar. $3750. Yamaha’s SGs started to proliferate in ’83 with the addition of eight new SGs. The tone of Carlos Santana’s Yamaha SG guitar can be heard on a number of landmark recordings, one of the most notable being 1977’s Moonflower. The SG-1300T was a 1300 with a nifty new stud-mounted double-locking finetune vibrato, no pickguard, and only one volume and one tone. In ’75, the headstock changed to having the double-dip or “W” cutout we associate with the SGs. Rob Hatschek from My Classic Guitars joins Gareth in the studio along with his impressive collection of late 70's early 80's Yamaha Guitars. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Yamaha 1980 SG-2000 Brown Sunburst /1101. In ’77, Yamaha added the SG-800. He played his then-recently acquired signature Yamaha SG2000 in this performance. The first 175s had the older square-humped headstock. The SBG-3000 also had new Precise Torque tuners, with a 15:1 gear ratio and a set screw on the button that let you adjust the tension to your taste. Yamaha SG2000 Santana Guitar 1978 With original case very good condition Japan. The ebony fingerboard was inlaid with abalone split wing or pyramid inlays. The finest materials, no-compromise handcrafted Japanese construction, custom hardware and Yamaha's latest wood technologies make today's SG's an undisputed modern classic. The big news for ’82 was the introduction of a new deluxe SG, the SG/SBG-3000, also called the SG-3000 Custom. Few details are available except it looked identical to the SG-1000, with the split-wing inlays, etc., and came in a Brown, Red, and Jade Green finish. The SG-35 had parallelogram inlays, the SG-30 had dots. The 22-fret ebony fingerboard was bound with mother-of-pearl split-wing inlays. When Yamaha introduced the highly acclaimed SG2000 they also introduced a SG1500. One was a version of the SG-1000 called the SG-1000X. Here for sale an Electric Guitar, great condition for year, yamaha colour coordinated panniers and yamaha topbox plus other yamaha accessories. 46% price drop. The SG-700 appears to have bit the dust with the SBG change in ’78 or ’79. Gibson ES-335 1970s Reissue (Walnut, 2017), Gibson Firebird (Bicentennial Issue, 1976, Wood-stain), Gibson Firebird Elliott Easton Model (2013, Grey Mist), Gibson Firebird II, Artist (Cherry Sunburst, 1982), Gibson Firebird VII, Commemorative Issue (1994, Wood-stain), Gibson Flying V (Custom, Pelham Blue, 2014), Gibson Futura Limited Edition (1999, Korina Wood), Gibson Johnny A Model (2000s, Flametop Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Classic (1995, Cherry Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Classic (2000s, Honey/Lemon), Gibson Les Paul Classic (2012, Blue-burst), Gibson Les Paul Custom (1978, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Custom (1981, Cherry Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Custom (1988, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Custom (2000s, Black, “R7”), Gibson Les Paul Custom (Cherry Sunburst, 1988), Gibson Les Paul Custom DC Pro (1997/8, Red), Gibson Les Paul Custom III (1969-72, Cherry Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Custom ‘54 RI (1990s, Black Beauty), Gibson Les Paul Custom, 20th Anniversary issue, 1974, Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (1972, Cherry Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul junior (1961, Cherry Red), Gibson Les Paul R8 (2000s, Plain-top Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul R9 (2006, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Recording (Natural Wood, 1970-2), Gibson Les Paul Signature (1972/3, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Signature (1973, Gold-top), Gibson Les Paul Special (TV Yellow, 2012), Gibson Les Paul Standard (1958, Faded Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Standard (1995, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Standard, DC (Tigereye, 1998), Gibson Les Paul Standard, Heritage Series, “R8” (1980, Honey), Gibson Les Paul Supreme (2002, Wine Flame), Gibson Les Paul ‘59 RI R9 (Flametop Sunburst, 2012), Gibson Les Paul, Classic (Cherry Sunburst, 2002), Gibson Les Paul, R8 Prehistoric, (1989, Honey-burst), Gibson Les Paul Classic DC (White/Walnut, two-tone, 2007), Gibson Les Paul Junior Special DC Custom, Red, 2000s, Gibson Les Paul Special DC (1978, Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Special DC (Faded TV Yellow, 2003), Gibson Les Paul Special, DC (Faded Cherry, 2007), Gibson Les Paul Standard DC (Charcoal, 2002), Gibson Les Paul Standard, DC (2009, Blue/Grey), Gibson Les Paul Standard, DC (Charcoal/Walnut, 1998), Gibson Les Paul Standard, DC (Green, 1998), Gibson Les Paul Standard, Double Cut (2001, Honey Flame), Gibson Les Paul Standard, Longhorn DC (2008, Flame Blue-burst), Gibson Melody-maker, Double Cutaway (1962, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Melodymaker (2007, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Mini Kessel Model (2011, Sunburst), Gibson Nighthawk (1991, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Nighthawk Nancy Wilson model (2013, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson RD Artist (1981/2, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson RD Artist Deluxe (1978, Natural Wood), Gibson Les Paul SG ‘61 Tribute Vibrola, (2013, Cherry), Gibson LP/SG ‘61 Reissue – Custom Shop (2010s, Dark Green), Gibson SG-3 Special Custom (Satin Wood, 2007), Gretsch Country Gentleman, Chet Atkins (1964, Walnut), Guild Brian May Red Special, BHM-02 (Red, 1994), Guild Brian May Signature Pro (1993, Green), Guild Brian May Signature Pro (Black, 1993), Guild Brian May Signature Pro (Red, 1993/4), Guild Telecaster model T-200 (1978, Black), BMG, Red Special, Brian May Autographed (2000s, Red), Peavey T-25, Prototype (1979, Sustanite Resin, Red), PRS Custom Singlecutaway (Tigereye, 2015), Fender Wildwood III (1960s, Natural Wood), Ovation Adamas 1687-8 (1979, Blue/Red burst), Alembic Mark King Signature Bass (1990, Burl Myrtle), Alembic Mark King Signature Bass, (1991, Cocobola), BC Rich Mockingbird Bass (1982, Maple/Mahogany), BC Rich Mockingbird Bass NJ, (Natural Woods, 1988), BC Rich Mockingbird “ Badass” Bass, (1979, Koa), Gibson Double-Cut Long-Scale Bass (2007, Red), Gibson Les Paul Active Bass (1997, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Bass (2003, Cherry Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Memphis Bass (2015, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass (1973, Tobacco Sunburst), Gibson “The Ripper” Bass (1977, Natural Wood), Hofner Violin Bass 500/1 (1969/70, Sunburst), Musicman Stingray Bass (1976, Tobacco Sunburst), Musicman Stingray Bass (1982, Cream White), Musicman Stingray Bass 3-EQ (1997, Honey), Musicman Stingray Bass 3-EQ (2007, Burgundy), WAL Mk1 Bass (1983, Custom, Black, Ex Nena), Yamaha BB-1200 Fretless (1979, Wood Stain), Yamaha BB-5000 Bass, (1980s, Black, Thru Neck), Yamaha SB-75 Super Bass (1974, Natural Wood), Yamaha SBG-2000, (Translucent Dark Green, 1983), Yamaha SG-1000-24 (1984, Cream, 24 Frets), Yamaha SG-1966 (1986, Red, 20-Y Anniversary Issue), Yamaha SG-1996 (1996, 30-Yr Anniv. A virtual collection of legendary guitars played by famous guitar players, I have a '78 Yamaha SG2000 because of Carlos. In the early 80s he made a final switch to PRS guitars, and he’s been playing them exclusively to this day. Yamaha SG2000 Santana Guitar 1978 With original case very good condition Japan Lake Oswego, Oregon, 970**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The SG-500 came only in opaque colors, black and cherry, suggesting use of lower-grade maple on the tops. Since its debut in 1974, the Yamaha SG has been the choice of some of the most influential guitarists. These had slightly less fancy headstock inlays and chrome hardware. The body wings consisted of a “sandwich” of laminated mahogany and maple. The SG-700 had an unbound maple top made of several pieces of maple and came in cherry sunburst and brown. Another custom Takanaka SG-25T was also produced at that time with a flame maple cap. Pickups were not covered, and the center maple strip in the neck was visible through the body on the back. The SG-510 had all the new features with dot inlays and chrome hardware. Condition: Used. like on this page:, That is what made me start playing guitar, New Palace of chance review is available on this website. Preferred Seller. Free shipping. It was most likely not exported to the U.S. 1980’s If you're going to buy one of these guitars, this is the iconic version to buy. Back in the early ’70s, there was no big-name artist to serve as the spokesman for Yamaha electric guitars, and the Yamaha SG models remained in the background of the musical fabric. No other differences are known. The SG2000 he actually used a lot live at least was antural wood colour with a different inlay. $3,750.00. There’s no information about the SG-1000NW except that it was a variant of the 1000N. Most sources cite 1976 as the debut date of this model, however, as usual, there’s more to the story. In order to enhance sustain, the SG-2000 had a brass block under the bridge (Similarly the SG-1500 had a chrome block). In ’81, however, several new guitars appeared in Japan. The SG-1000 was equipped with slightly different electronics; the pots were wired such that when the volume pot was rolled up to 10, the tone control was bypassed – the equivalent of the slider switches on ’60s guitars. The top also featured five-ply binding. Pre-Owned. 2,191. The SG-70 was very similar to the SG-50, but had a mahogany body. The SBG-3000 Customs were spectacular guitars. Watch and feel the magic! Blast From The Past: 7 Classic Fights Between Undefeated Boxers, Eric Clapton's Blackie Stratocaster Specs. Юрий's Gear Garage. An early association with Carlos Santana proved the Japanese created guitars were competitive with the USA made counterparts, drawing attention to the fine craftsmanship that they truly deserve. In ’89, it built a custom SG-T for the guitarist Takanaka, an SG-3000 that featured cool alphabet graphics, the vibrato, volume/tone, and a humbucker/single/humbucker pickup layout. The twin-shielded Alnico V humbuckers were covered in black plastic with a cover that surrounded the bobbins, but left them and the poles exposed. 'Power & Sustain fascinates Santana' SG-2000 must be the best known solid body among all the Yamaha electric guitars. Of all the excellent – and generally ignored guitars built by Yamaha over the years, none has achieved quite the legendary status as the Yamaha SG-2000 (in the USA issued as SBG-2000), based primarily because of its association early on with Carlos Santana. Hardware was brass-plated. Buy It Now +$98.07 shipping. Others included a smaller finetune bridge and lack of a sustain plate. Construction quality, fit and finish are excellent. Add to Cart. Since its debut in 1974, the Yamaha SG has been the choice of some of the most influential guitarists. Price: US $3,500.00. $146 for 24 months with PayPal Creditopens a installment calculator layer* $146 for 24 months. A special engraved flower graced the headstock. Change ). The popular Pacifica range has been a hit with learner guitarists and players on a budget since the early 90s. The ’74 SG-90 and SG-175 marked the debut of guitars that clearly can be identified as Yamaha SGs. Yamaha make a wide range of electric guitars from semi hollow jazz guitars like the AES models to the new, stylish Revstar range. Some in black, some wine red. Fender Stratocaster (1974, Bullseye Sunburst), Fender Stratocaster (1977, three-tone Tobacco Sunburst), Fender Stratocaster (1979, Tobacco Sunburst), Fender Stratocaster (1979, Translucent Red), Fender Stratocaster (1995, Anniversary Model, Blue), Fender Stratocaster (2000, Blue Metallic), Fender Stratocaster (Tobacco Sunburst, 1979), Fender Stratocaster Anniversary (1979, Gold), Fender Stratocaster Anniversary (1979, Silver), Fender Stratocaster Plus (1988, Grey Metallic), Fender Stratocaster Plus (1994, Tobacco Sunburst), Fender Stratocaster, 50th Anniv. As an example, see this article: Sounding Like Carlos Santana, as well as the followups, Playing Like Carlos Santana, and Carlos Santana’s Guitar Tone. The Yamaha SG-1820A guitar in black was designed with modern influences in mind and was created for the guitarist that wants high-spec, modern playability and stunning looks. The name was changed to SBG-1000 in the U.S. at the same time as the 2000, and the guitar remained in the line through ’83 (’84 in Japan). The SG 1000 has a set neck and no sustain block. Issue, Cherry Sunburst), Yamaha SG-2000 (1990s, Flame Tobacco Sunburst), Yamaha SG-2000s (Green, Jake Burns/SLF Autographs, 1985), Yamaha SG-25s, 25 Yr Anniv. The distinctive Yamaha SG has famously been used by artists as diverse as Santana and Mastodon. Likewise, nothing is known about the SG-710T except it probably had the new vibrato. These are not in the ’85 Japanese Yamaha catalog so, presumably, they were already gone, although the SBG-1300TS was still featured in the ’85 U.S. catalog, so it make it ’til about ’86. Like all other SG-2000 models, these have their origins in the SG-175, after involvement of Carlos Santana. Make an Offer. It is not clear how long the SG-1000 was exported, because it does not appear in many U.S. catalogs. Most sources cite 1976 as the debut date of this model, however, as usual, there’s more to the story. Good. In Japan, this model was also called the Professional, which was engraved on the pickguard. One major difference in construction was the use of solid mahogany for the wings. The SG175, designed and developed specifically for Carlos Santana, was dubbed the "Buddha SG." These came in cherry sunburst or brown sunburst. Reviews . Here in great condition, a Yamaha SG-2000 limited issue in glossy vintage flame top Tobacco Sunburst, a great looking Yamaha SG. All had stop tailpieces with adjustable bridges. Neck through body, ebony board, carved maple top on a laminated mahogany body. The result of his input was the SG-2000 model, which was one of Yamaha’s most innovative and successful solidbody designs ever. Hardware was gold. Hardware and finish were black. Learn how your comment data is processed. From its rich tone and long sustain to its outstanding playability and stunning design, all of its signature characteristics have stood the test of time, remaining relevant to this day. The SG-2000 employed the basic look of the SG-175, combined with subtle refinements. That's awesome, Jude. Watch. $1,938.45 + $99.92 Shipping. The edges were soft and the body was thinned down. The head, fingerboard, and top were all free of binding, and inlays were dots. Hey Daniel, Since guitar virtuoso Carlos Santana played the SG2000 for several years, you know that there is something special about this guitar. The top was a single piece of maple, without the perpendicular centerpiece, and was unbound. The ideas were actualized by featuring sturdy mahogany body, converting the … The classic Yamaha SG2000 was developed in association with Carlos Santana, and was one of the first electric guitar models that designed specially for distribution in the U.S. First introduced in the 1970s they are still being made and sold today. Call GAK now for product info, advice and the Best Prices - 01273 665400 Yamaha SG2000 … More pictures. The SG-1300-24 was a 1300 with a two-octave fingerboard and no pickguard, available in a metallic blue. The SG-700 and SG-500 were almost identical to the SG-1000, but without the special wiring circuitry. Basically this had SG-3000 construction and pickups (including the new bridge) combined with the multiple bound trim of the SG-2000 (minus the abalone trim). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yamaha u3 (refurbished) - free delivery click image to enlarge description yamaha u3 upright piano yamaha u3 upright piano finished in black gloss. The Guitarist Jimi Hendrix is a guitar legend who, unquestionably, doesn't need any introduction. Custom Shop The SG-2500, 1600, 1300, 1000N, and 510 made it another year through ’85. Personal circumstances have led me to selling my now much diminished collection. In February ’96, Yamaha produced a limited number of reissue SG-175s as the SG-175B. Developed from the mid 1970s SG175 by Yamaha and Carlos Santana, the SG2000 was designed to be the ultimate electric guitar. Yamaha SG2000 70's all original through a little 80's valve Fender Champ12 (red buttons & tolex). Body … Watch; A R 1 S p o n s M o r e d O T M P G Q. Yamaha SG-2000 1977 Electric Guitar. Add to Cart . The SBG-3000 was still neck-through, with the mahogany/maple/mahogany laminated neck. The headstock inlays were the same, as were the mother-of-pearl split-wing inlays on a bound ebony ‘board. He had custom pickups without the covers, and a fancy Buddha pearl inlay design covering the belly of the guitar. The SG-1000-24 was the 1000N with a two octave fingerboard. Very Good. In ’77, an SG-1000L lefty version became available. It had a bound rosewood fingerboard, “clay” split-wing inlays, and “only” triple binding. The 1979 Yamaha SG & SA-2000 Electric Guitars BB-1200 . Another new model in ’81 was the Japanese version of the SG-1500. The SG-2000 featured a neck-through-body design and was granted two United States … Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation. Make an Offer. Finish options were metallic black, Gold, Wine red, and Cream white. It was an SG-175 that was first noticed by Carlos Santana, who began playing one around this time. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The Guitarist Carlos Santana is a Mexican-American rock guitarist who became well-known in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his ba... Blackie , a mid-1950s Fender Stratocaster guitar pieced together by Eric Clapton himself from numerous individual guitars, was Clapton... RINGO MONSANTO Youtube Channel: Watch and learn famous guitar solos covered, then played in slow tempos with tablatures! Heavy, but not a boat anchor and has a belly cut in the body for comfort. Any significant cosmetic damage is shown in the photos so … At the top of the line the SG-2500 was added. Yamaha SG Series Of all the excellent – and generally ignored guitars built by Yamaha over the years, none has achieved quite the legendary status as the Yamaha SG-2000 (in the USA issued as SBG-2000), based primarily because of its association early on with Carlos Santana. Mainly aimed at Japan. Santana's request during the course of the guitar development was how to maximize sustain with creamy and fatter tone. Watch. The 800 substituted a cream pickguard and pickup rings for the black laminate of the 700. With a single-piece construction that transmits the vibrations of the strings to the body more effectively, and a sustain plate embedded directly into the body below the saddle, the SG2000 offered superb sustain. In ’84, three more SGs were introduced in Japan. Check out these interesting ads related to "yamaha sg2000" 1970 gibson sg prs santana guitar 1967 gibson sg gibson lucille epiphone es 339 prs se semi hollow. The Efficient Writer Productivity Hacks for the Writing Life Tips and The SG-1000N was a version of the SG-1000 with the new smaller gold bridge and Spinex pickups (maybe “N” meant “new”?). 1979 yamaha sg & sa-2000 electric guitars bb-1200. 20 watchers. ( Log Out /  issue (1991, Deep Blue), Yamaha SG-800s Standard (1983, Tobacco Sunburst), Rare Yamaha SX-80 – “The Devils Head” (1974, natural), Yamaha SX-800A – “The Devils Head” (1976, Black), Yamaha SX-800B – “The Devils Head” (1976, Red), Yamaha SX-800B, “ the Devilhead Guitar”, 1977, Red, Follow Elite Vintage Guitars on