For me, most TaylorMade clubs have an impact feel that is either hit or miss. Have you played it? At its full potential, the Twist Face will turn toe strikes into draws that start right and curve back towards the target, and vice versa for heel strikes. Now, with that said, it’s important to realize that hook and slice swing paths will still produce hooks and slices. Newsletter In addition, the M4 completely lacks the adjustable weights of the M3. This is because not only does it do a good job of preserving ball speed across the face, particularly low on the face, but it also has a real and measurable directional forgiveness thanks to the Twist Face. The key features found in the M4 that differentiate it from the M3 are: This is essentially a new sole design that reduces sole volume and saves mass. Am Ende ist es Geschmackssache, ob das matte Silber nun schöner ist als das ehemalige Weiß. The picture in the ad clearly shows the driver as a Taylormade M4, D-type Driver. In fact, for whatever reason, many golfers get appreciably better results with the M4 than with the M3. Im Jahr 2018 präsentiert TaylorMade die neue TWIST FACE & HAMMERHEAD Technology für die neuen M4 Driver und M3 Driver und die dazugehörigen Hölzer. 349,00€ -40% The feel and sound are very solid and powerful, particularly when struck in the center of the face. The Twist Face is most effective when the face is relatively square at impact and the contact is near the toe or heel. Just like with the M2 driver, the M4 should offer similar performance to M3 but without the advanced adjustability and price tag that comes with it. dgo - Über uns Geometry) und Akustik (engl. In fact, for whatever reason, many golfers get appreciably better results with the M4 than with the M3. The TaylorMade M4 driver has excellent ratings: a 4.75/5 average score (92 reviews) on Global Golf, and 4.6/5 on Amazon with over 158 reviews. TaylorMade behauptet zwar, dass es ihnen mit Geocoustic gelungen sei, den Klang noch weiter zu verbessern, uns gefiel der Sound der M1 und M2 Driver aus 2017 allerdings besser. Regular. Februar 2018. Also available is the women’s version in 10.5° and 12° lofts. As long as you keep a relatively square face at impact, hitting towards the heel or toe will deliver a straighter ball flight that flies farther because of reduced sidespin. There are no movable weighs, so golfers who are not getting a distance-maximizing flight or are otherwise not satisfied with the trajectory can either try another shaft or experiment with the loft sleeve. | Because there’s no weight track, the “M4” logo is able to be moved into a prominent position in the center. This slot is effectively an enhanced version of the Speed Pocket found in past TaylorMade equipment. Dialing in an optimal trajectory can potentially increase distance a great deal. | Created with Sketch. The stock grip is the Golf Pride Dual Feel. During my testing, I found the typical trajectory of the M4 to be mid with no fade or draw bias. Rory, JRose, JRahm, JDay & Dustin Johnson verwenden bereits die neuen TaylorMade Golfs… The recessed region on the sole of the club is curved, which helps make the sole stiffer and enables a more forgiving face that is 67% larger. Die Top-Spieler von TaylorMade auf der Tour sind bereits überzeugt. These days, equipment manufacturers try to squeeze extra distance out of drivers by making the face “hotter”. Doch TaylorMade ist davon überzeugt, dass sie mit den beiden neuen Hauptfeatures, Twist Face Technologie und Hammerhead Slot, den Markt revolutionieren werden. #1 Driver in Golf. In Kombination soll das zu noch mehr getroffenen Fairways bei gleichzeitig größeren Weiten sorgen. The TaylorMade M4 driver is a simple yet powerful driver with a few updated bits of technology to improve performance. Wir klären die wichtigsten Fragen rund um den längsten Schläger. It packs most of the same technologies as the M3, without movable weights but with new Geocoustic technology that contributes to a larger face. Was ist mit der Leistung? One place is Global Golf, which is the certified pre-owned source of TaylorMade golf clubs. Hammerhead ; Without Hammerhead; Gains; Individual results may vary. Overview of Taylormade M4 Ladies Driver. The wording of the ad description doesn't mention the driver as either type, so the assumption made was influenced by the picture. The M4 is certainly a hit. Die Modelle M3 und M4 konnten diverse Siege auf den Profitouren einfahren. It increases the size of the sweet spot, improves ball speed and performance low on the face, and reduces unwanted spin. For example, when setting up the shaft at the standard position, for a 9.5-degree driver, the loft will be 9.5 degrees. Because of the low CG, the M4 could also help you improve your tee ball if you have a low or medium swing speed, or you have trouble getting the ball up in the air. Compared to the M2, the M4 has a slightly taller crown, and a slightly thinner leading edge that is now silver instead of white. From the address position the TaylorMade M4 fills you with the same confidence levels the M2 did. Golfers who commonly make contact with the ball in these areas will see the biggest difference. Leider werden Sie auch mit dem M4 künftig nicht jedes Fairway treffen und nur noch Drives schlagen, die mit Leichtigkeit an der 300-Meter-Marke kratzen. Achieve consistently high driving performance with the TaylorMade M4 Driver. Während der Vorstellung im kalifornischen Carlsbad hatten wir die Gelegenheit, die neuen Technologien Twist Face und Hammerhead Slot im The Kingdom, der TaylorMade eigenen Driving Range, auf der sonst nur geladene Gäste und Tourspieler auf die neuen Produkte gefittet werden, auf die Probe zu stellen. Twist Face Technology provides corrective face angle on off-center hits in real time for remarkable forgiveness and accuracy across the face. Former M2 players will find the new M4 driver to be a familiar friend with minimal adjustability and the Geocoustic sole design. Wer also hin und wieder (oder auch öfter) den Slice einstreut, sollte den D-Type in Erwägung ziehen, er könnte den ein oder anderen verlorenen Ball verhindern. Seniors. Ein in sich verwundenes Schlägerblatt wie mit dem Twist Face hatten wir bislang aber noch nie gesehen. From a shape perspective, the TaylorMadeM4 driver is very similar to its M2 predecessors. Erhältlich im europäischen Handel ist er dann am 16. The Fujikura stock shaft also contributes to a light feel throughout the swing, which will help many golfers increase their club head speed. It really is. Ebenfalls Geschmackssache ist der neue Klang im Treffmoment. Sie werden aber feststellen, dass Ihre schlechten Treffer an Ferse und Spitze nicht mehr ganz so viel an Länge einbüßen. Although there are no adjustable weights, you can still fine-tune your ball flight to an extent with the loft sleeve.