Build this cheap LED light for growing plants in a grow tent with the help of this DIY tutorial. So, check the list out and choose the one that suits you the best. LED lights are changing the landscape of the way we grow plants, allowing both experts and enthusiasts to achieve optimal environment efficiency with little effort. The further away your light is from your plants, the greater the footprint — but the lower the strength. Find out how it was made in the tutorial video. Also, this way, you can choose the light spectrum range. All Rights Reserved. This LED grows light allows the indoor plants to grow around the year. ... a cost of less than 80 USD per lamp you will be able to build these lamps at a far lower cost than the very expensive grow lights … This DIY PVC grow light stand will become useful when you are starting seeds indoors. It’s a vertical garden and uses LED grow lights. Selecting the right place light doesn’t have to be complex. It only consumes about 120w power which helps you in saving money better than a HPS/MH Lamp. GROW LIGHT LOG ; A log shaped series of grow lights that run at low voltage of <60V LED. Unlike the sun, whose impact is most of the Earth during the daytime, grow lights have a significantly smaller footprint. The manufacturers them self feel confident about this cheap LED grow light, providing you with a 4 month free money back guarantee with the purchase. With the help of two fans and dense vents, it provides a better heat dissipation. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. You can grow your herbs and greens in it in winters. Its built in optical lenses have a high light penetration and gives you up to 10-15 times intensity. You can make it easily if you have some basic knowledge about electronics. It is one of the best low cost led grow lights which you can buy from This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 3. The LED comes with a secondary optical lens to manage the high intensity of light. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Learn how to build this clear acrylic grow light in this long step by step video tutorial. ChilLED Growcraft Commercial LED grow lights - High efficacy - Made in USA. This is one of the best cheap grow light which helps to grow the indoor place and comes with a spotlight reflector. Build DIY Indoor Grow Lights In Just 7 Steps. Finding one under $100 was considered impossible. A rest period is essential for healthy growth, so be sure your new plants also get at least six hours of darkness. 3. Learn to make your own compact LED grow light at just 16.5 watts of power in this tutorial here. Veg mode is to regulate chlorophyll during the sealing process. Another Cheap DIY light I have constructed for a new grow tent set up. Here’s another affordable LED grow light project that you can complete in just $100-150. The product carries 10W double chips which are much brighter and efficient in comparison to 3W and 5W LEDs. Utilizing 5 24w LED grow bulbs for a total of about 125w..Not 150! Learn how to build a controlling LED grow lights in this live-streamed YouTube video. In order to hit the 40 mole level for maximum yield, you want a grow light that emits between 600 uMols (for 18 hour veg) and 925 uMols (for 12 hour flowering) PPFD of light. Triple cooled design: ducted, fan & liquid cooling, ... DIY LED Grow Light Kits. Fluorescent lights: Tubes such as the T5, T8 and T12 use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs. This LED light comes with a heat removal system and consists of 2 high-speed cooling fans which ensures long services life. When selecting your lights, consider the light source. Build a your own LED grow light from light fixtures available from your local DIY shop. Hi-Standard cheap LED Grow Light contains 1000 watt LED lights with an optical lens which promote natural plant growth via photosynthesis. How? It also improves the colour uniformity and PAR value in order to increase the yield and its quality. The Roleadro LED Grow Light Strip is an efficient and bright grow light, boasting high PAR value and luminous efficiency of up to 98%. The durability of LEDs light is very low. Cannot absorb high temperature and does not come with veg and blooming mode. The overall warranty is 3 years and VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light lights comes with 30 days of satisfaction or return guarantee. LED grow lights seem like a great all-rounder as they run cool, they run on the full light spectrum and they last for many years. This light ultimately results in better yield and the best thing about this light is the infra red light of this cheap LED grow light also promote cell division in plants. These light strips come fully equipped with both red and blue LEDs for … This is a budget-friendly way to grow plants at home and supplement its light needs. Doesn’t have a specific switch to change the mode from vegetation to blooming. LED or Light Emitting Diode lighting is the most advanced technology in grow lights right now.They tend to be pretty expensive, with large LED grow lights sometimes costing over $500 each, but … You can switch between the vegetation and bloom mode. With spending anywhere between 400 to 500 dollars, you’ll be able to build this functional grow light system, which is perfect for growing all the small potted plants and seedlings. The lights also do not come with hangers. Starting seeds is not a very complicated gardening task. © 2020. You can expect LED lights to go down in price and up in strength in the future, but if you already have the money and would like an energy-efficient, cool system of lighting for your indoor growing operation, LED lights are the way to go. Learn to build these cheap, low powered grow lights in this YouTube tutorial. Read below to know how to buy a LED grow light: Go for lights with adjustable output spectrum: As stated before, plants have different specifications at different levels of their life. This is a fan-less design and lights can be set-up to run on a timer so plants will receive plenty of light. The 300W sized LED uses high quality 3W Epileds LEDs which has been designed to well balance the Lumen output in your grow tent. You might want to experiment with Popular Science's DIY Grow Lights, which use small LED lights in a small cylinder that sticks into the potting soil. This LED grow light project requires repurposed items. As rule of thumb, go for lights with adjustable output spectrum. It comes in a 2-bar set, 4-bar set and 6-bar set. It is well tested and produces excellent results in giving the highest yields of the highest quality. LED PANEL; This DIY growing panel is one of the easiest to build if you follow the step-by-step instructions. The Roleadro LED Grow Light has a high RED light which helps in fast plant growth. We find high quality grow lights that can help to grow quality and healthy plants for you…. Making your own LED grow light is a cheaper alternative to buying a new one. It carries the following features: The iPlantop LED Grow light carries Double Chips 10W LEDs which are much brighter and efficient when compared to 3W and 5W LEDs. So, if you are planning to buy grow lights, then don’t forget to check our list. Think about it: I paid €200 for two weak “300W” LED grow lights, the cheapest China lights … 2. It is the best led grow light budget that cost you around only $92.99. Your email address will not be published. Not only that, they last for a long time as well. 1. Light Bulb LED Grow Lights With FREE Clamp Reflector The DIY light bars are long and will illuminate large spaces when suspended overhead. LED grow light. 2. Check out in the video! These are exceptionally well to grow the medicinal plants. These Grow Lights have successfully produced results with high yield of high quality. It carries both Ultraviolet and Infrared LED. If you’re good at woodworking (or you can hire someone), this skillful Modular Wall Garden project worths a try. Definitely, Grow lights are the best artificial light source available out there that can help you stimulate your plant’s growth. Grow your plants in artificial light with the help of this DIY. Who can resist... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, 29 DIY LED Grow Light Panels You Can Make At Home, If You’re A Gardener, Learn About These 13 Diatomaceous Earth Uses, 12 DIY Grow Tent Ideas For Indoor Gardeners, 10 Indoor Plants that Absorb CO2 at Night, 16 Indoor Plants for North Facing Windows, 11 Easiest Indoor Blooming Houseplants to Grow, 20 Unique Indoor Plants in Hanging Baskets Ideas, Grow 22 Best Green Leafy Vegetables In Containers For Salad. This LED grow light doesn’t need a special lamp needed and the desk lamp will work great. However, if you keep in mind a few factors, then, the decision is not very hard to take. Although some users have complained that the instructions are less than clear, a little experimentation will result in a stylish and functional way to provide light for your indoor plants. Since this article was originally written, the price of LED grow lights has decreased significantly, making them competitive with or in some cases even less expensive than fluorescent lighting. Grow lights make it easy to grow plants in the house, and fortunately, there are many grow light systems to choose from. The ultra-low heat output works as an incredible energy saving option and the heatsink helps to achieve the heat dissipation. The best thing about this LED is that it is suitable for all growth stages of your plant and results in high yield and high quality. This also increases the lifespan of the LEDs. If you own a planted tank or planning to make one this LED grow light tutorial will help you. Follow this tutorial to build a homemade LED grow light system to grow indoor plants. You also have the choice of hobby growing LED lights and commercial-grade LED lights. The other features of the grow light include: The Phlizon LED grow light is well known for its energy saving capability among all cheap led grow lights for indoor plants. The Viparspectra V300 grow light is certainly among the most successful budget LEDs for growing cannabis plants. The LED covers 3 by 3-foot area and perfect for indoor seeding and vegetation. 2. Africa violets grow really well with red light variety, but also need red light in order to place. Whichever light you go with, be sure to consider your unique farming needs pick the right light for your plants. In most cases, even the sunniest projection will not make available the intensity of light they need. It carries 3 quite cooling fans which provide better dissipation of heat. The dimmer design of the 300W Galaxyhydro dimmable plant grow light helps you adjust the brightness according to the different growth stages. It is one of the top selling products among all good led grow lights for sale that can cost you around $99.00. Grow these 22 best Green Leafy Vegetables in Containers in your balcony or patio for the supply of fresh homegrown salad greens! Choose Philips Green power, Pro MAX Grow, and Total Grow brands, if you are developing plants for commercial use. This LED can save up to 90% energy savings in comparison to metal halide & HPS grow lights or Platinum and LED lights. Most vegetables are “long-day” plants, which mean they need 14 to 18 hours of sunlight (or artificial light) each day.