. . . . Press the [UP] or [DOWN] buttons to increase or decrease the value of the Brilliance tone control setting . .26 Concert Magic demo mode . . . KAWAI CA79. . 52 USB-MIDI adaptor), however the software does not respond to key presses . . Key on: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X ■ Skillful SK These songs range in difficulty from moderately difficult to difficult . Smart Mode Virtual Technician . 32 Song has been recorded to * If will a Recorder be shown . In addition to meticulously tuning each note, the technician also performs numerous regulation and voicing adjustments that allow the instrument to truly sing. . 3 Practicing left and right-hand parts separately This section will explain how to mute/activate the left and right-hand parts of the selected lesson song, allowing each part to be practiced separately. . . . . This behaviour can be changed using the Playing Mode setting . Page 2 Thank you for purchasing this Kawai digital piano. A headphone hook is included with the CA49 digital piano and can be used to hang headphones when not in use. . The most suitable reverb type is applied automatically when selecting each sound, however it is also possible to select a different reverb type manually if desired. Phones Type . . . . . – while starting up the computer ▪ When connecting the instrument to a computer using the USB MIDI port, there may be a short delay before communications – while MIDI applications are performing tasks – while the computer is in energy saver mode begin . Featuring the sounds of the mighty SK-EX Concert Grand, EX Concert Grand, and more than 15 other great sounds, CA49 has a tone for every… Entering song recorder mode While the normal playing screen is shown in the display: Press the [REC] button . . .38 4 . ■ Entering Dual Mode While the normal playing screen is shown in the display: Press the [METRONOME] and [SOUND SELECT] buttons simultaneously to enable Dual Mode . . . 1. . Concert Artist CA99 musical instrument pdf manual download. . . 15 16 Selecting Sounds The CA49 digital piano features 19 different instrument sounds, which can be selected in one of two ways. . 60 min . Off Low Volume Balance adjustment is not applied . Press the [UP] or [DOWN] buttons to move the selection cursor over the 4Hands function . on the product or exert Doing deformed so may or fall cause over, the resulting product in to breakdown become or injury. The name of the key will be shown in the display . . . . . . Starting and stopping the song recorder Press a key on the keyboard . . . The CA49 digital piano attempts to reproduce the rich variety of tones created by an acoustic grand piano as accurately as possible . . . Changing the Phones Type setting After entering the Phones Type setting: Press the [UP] or [DOWN] buttons to select the desired Phones type . . . 2. * The Beyer lesson book includes 106 exercises . . This setting is recommended for sounds that have a fixed dynamic range such as organ and harpsichord . • When cleaning the product, put a soft cloth in lukewarm product. . . If desired, attach the headphone hook to the underside of the main body using the two tapping screws provided . . . .32 1 . . asterisk and written in 8 pt . . Long, solid wooden keysticks, graded weights and bass counterweights, ivory touch key surfaces, and let-off simulation are just some of the things that make CA49 so expressive to the touch. Press the [1] function button (ENTER) to enter the Demo Mode setting screen . Úplné znění EU prohlášení o shodě je k dispozici na této internetové adrese: DA FORENKLET EU-OVERENSSTEMMELSESERKLÆRING Danish Hermed erklærer Kawai Europa GmbH, at radioudstyrstypen [ CA49 ] er i overensstemmelse med direktiv 2014/53/EU. Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1B 1 Right & Left 1 Step Right Up! . r ewoPThe instrument does not turn on . . . . . . . . j METRONOME button This button is used to turn the metronome function on/off, and also to adjust its tempo, time signature, and volume settings . . . . . . . - Tuning Increase or decrease the pitch of the keyboard in 0 .5 Hz steps . . ■ Exiting the part mode setting While the lesson part mode setting screen is shown in the display: Press the [2] function button (BACK) to exit the lesson part mode setting screen and return to the Lesson song screen . If this intentional sound is undesirable, it may be prevented by selecting the “Noiseless” Virtual Technician preset, or by adjusting the “Damper Noise” setting . . . Check that the pedal cable is firmly connected to the instrument . The selected Concert Magic song will start to play . * Recorder songs will remain in memory after the power is turned off . . . . Example operations are written in italic type at 8 pt. 14 however no sound is produced when the keys are played . . This peerless instrument is hand-built by Master Piano Artisans at the Shigeru Kawai Piano Research Laboratory in Ryuyo, Japan, and widely regarded as one of the finest instruments in its class. . . On MIDI Settings * Change various MIDI settings - Auto Display Off Enable/disable the display’s Auto Display Off function . Press the [1] function button (ENTER) to enter Four Hands Mode . . . • Areas, such as those near windows, where the product is • Extremely exposed to hot direct areas, sunlight such as near a heater • • Extremely Extremely cold humid areas, areas such as outside • • Areas Areas where where a the large product amount is exposed of sand to or excessive dust is present vibrations Use only the AC adaptor included with this instrument to power the instrument. . 4 Hand-Bells 4 Brother John 5 Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 5 Good Sounds 6 Old MacDonald 6 The Cuckoo 7 Batter Up! . take care Failure fire, electric to do shock so may or damage short-circuit. . .20 Demo Songs . . . 2 Exiting the Virtual Technician setting Press the [2] function button (BACK) to exit the Virtual Technician setting and return to the Settings menu . . . Check that the instrument is not connected to a smart device using Bluetooth MIDI . Press the [2] function button (BACK) to exit the Tempo setting screen and return to the metronome screen . . Attaching the back board Unfasten and extend the pedal connection cable attached Allow the assembled pedal board and side panels to stand to the bottom of the pedal board (E) . Widely regarded as the “premier pianos of Japan”, Shigeru Kawai instruments grace the stages of concert halls and musical institutions throughout the world, and are prized for their exceptional tonal clarity . . . . WARNING The an AC product outlet should of the specified be connected voltage. . Please read all sections carefully, keeping this manual handy for future reference . . 8 My Clever Pup 8 Ping-Pong 9 The Zoo 9 Grandpa’s Clock 10 Playing in a New Position 10 When the Saints Go Marching In 11 Sailing 11 G’s in the “BAG” 12 Skating 12 Join the Fun 13 Wishing Well 13 Oom-Pa-pa! . . . . . . . . . ■ Entering Concert Magic mode While the normal playing screen is shown in the display: Press the [2] function button (MUSIC) to show the Music menu . . After a few seconds “CA49” should appear in the app’s device list . When the Startup Setting memory has been stored, the display will return to the Settings menu automatically . Press the [UP] or [DOWN] buttons to change the volume . . . Pianino cyfrowe Kawai CA 49 R - Nowość od marki Kawai! . Press the [UP] or [DOWN] buttons to increase or decrease the volume of the selected key . . 33 G Major Scale Piece 34 Willie & Tillie 34 Carol in G Major 35 A Friend Like You 35 The Same Carol in C Major 36 My Robot 36 French Lullaby 37 Rockin’ Tune 37 Sonatina 38 Indian Song 38 When Our Band Goes Marching By! . Sustain pedal ■ Pedal support bolt A pedal support bolt is attached at the base of the pedal board to aid stability when the pedals are pushed . Normal Phones Type Select the type of headphones to be used with the instrument . . Take care not to allow any foreign matter to enter the product. • • The The product product does has been not appear exposed to to operate rain. . In addition, the convenient lesson feature allows aspiring pianists to learn the piano using a built-in collection of etudes from Czerny and Burgmüller, or songs from the popular Alfred course books . . When the memory has been reset, the display will return to the Settings menu automatically . . Brilliant A piano adjusted by hardening the hammers in order to produce a brighter tone for modern pieces . - * For information regarding MIDI functions and settings, please download the supplementary PDF manual from the Kawai Global website: www .kawai-global .com/support/manual/ ■ Entering the settings menu, selecting a setting While the normal playing mode screen is shown in the display: Press the [1] function button (MENU) to show the Settings menu . . . . . . . . . k SOUND SELECT button This button is used to select the sound(s) that will be heard when the keys are pressed . . . . ■ Virtual Technician type Virtual Technician type Description Normal (default) The default piano sound without additional adjustments . cord, causing a fire, electric shock or • Failure to do so may cause fire in case of • Failure lightning. . Ensure that the pedal board and side panels make close contact, and that there are no large gaps between the assembled parts . Please refer to page 45 for more information . . . . . . . Move the slider up to increase the volume, and down to decrease the volume . . . . Pressing both the [METRONOME] and [SOUND SELECT] buttons simultaneously will activate DUAL mode, allowing two different voices to be played together . Please refer to page 45 for more information . Connecting the power adaptor to an outlet Connect the AC power adaptor to an AC outlet . . . . 26Press the [1] function button to enter the Playing Mode setting screen . . 9 Part Names and Functions . Power . . Pianino cyfrowe Kawai CA 49 SB - Nowość od marki Kawai! panels using the temporary mounting screws located on either end of the pedal board . . * Availability of Bluetooth function dependent on market location . Press the [1] function button (ENTER) to enter Demo Songs mode . CA48 MIDI Manual. . These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. . ■ Entering Four Hands Mode While the normal playing screen is shown in the display: Press the [1] function button (MENU) to show the Settings menu . . . . 1. . 30 min . This updated model preserves the core Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action and acoustic piano sound of Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and Kawai EX Concert Grand Pianos, providing a more natural and realistic playing experience. .23 Concert Magic song arrangement types . 기자재 명칭 : 특정소출력 무선기기(무선데이터통신시스템용 무선기기) 5. . Recording a song . . Brilliance Adjusts the overall brightness of the sound, independently of the Virtual Technician “Voicing” parameter . . . 2. . Pedal support bolt. The Kawai piano company was founded nearly 100 years ago in 1927 and its international headquarters is in Hamamatsu, Japan which is where its founder, Koichi Kawai was born back in 1886. Press the [1] function button (ENTER) to confirm the selected Lesson book . . . . ■ Settings menu Setting name Description Default setting Reverb Change the type of reverberation added to the sound . NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. . . . . . Press the [PLAY/STOP] button again to stop song playback . . 106 7 Courant Limpide 8 La gracieuse Chopin Walzer (Chopin waltzes series 1-19) 9 La chasse Grande Valse Brillante Op .18 10 Tendre fleur Valse Brillante Op .34-1 11 La bergeronnette Valse Op .34-2 12 Adieu Valse Brillante Op .34-3 13 Consolation Grande Valse Op .42 14 La styrienne Valse Op .64-1 15 Ballade Valse Op .64-2 16 Douce plainte Valse Op .64-3 17 Babillarde Valse Op .69-1 18 Inquiétude Valse Op .69-2 19 Ave Maria Valse Op .70-1 20 Tarentelle Valse Op .70-2 21 Harmonie des anges Valse Op .70-3 22 Barcarolle Valse KK Iva No .15 23 Retour Valse KK Iva No .12 24 L’hirondelle Valse KK Iva No .13 25 La Chevaleresque Valse KK Iva No .14 Valse? . .30 3 . . . 0 Tone Control Change the EQ settings of the instrument’s sound . Novus NV5 Owner's Manual. . .63 Specifications . 2 Exiting the Auto Display Off setting Press the [2] function button (BACK) to exit the Auto Display Off setting and return to the Settings menu .