Many of them include the right blend of substances that trigger follicle production, balance your natural oils, and support the hair growth cycle. High-porosity hair, it means your hair readily absorbs water, hair products and oils. However, density or thickness of 3C hair is not the same when you compare one naturalista with another. If you have a combination of natural hair types, you might try parting your hair and adjust the amount of product you use for each section. In order for your curly hair to thrive and grow long, it needs moisture. 3b. Also ask yourself if your hair is dehydrated as a result of past color-treatment and processing, lack of care, medical conditions, and more. I really don’t like my 4c hair. It is not short, as of right now it is a little longer than shoulder length. 3C hair consists of tight coils with plenty of strands tightly packed to create texture on your head. Hair types. 2a. Image source: 3b Natural Hair Regimen . B: My hair is predominantly 3c with a more silky texture, with touches of 4a curls toward the nape of my neck where I also find the strands are a bit more coarse. Comments. If you moisturize your 3C hair once a week and you haven’t been seeing any results, then you really shouldn’t be surprised. I want waist length hair, so give me your advice. For instance, you could use a heavier amount for your 4a hair, and less for your 3c hair. Heyyyyy! I been started and it's next to bra length. How would I go about taking care of it so that it can grow. The reason your diet matters has everything to do with the type of nutrients you are ingesting. Thanks to our readers this site is now an "Amazon Associate", we earn from qualifying purchases. When it comes to retaining length, sometimes we put too much emphasis on hair type instead of where the focus belongs. 3C/4A Natural Hair Journey of Beatrice. I would say keep your hair moisturized. You can play around with these until you find the one that works best for your hair. Hair elasticity helps to ensure that those tresses stay intact and become less likely to snap. Check out these eight fabulous tips on how to grow thick 3C hair. Lightweight stylers such as gel-creams, sprays, and even mousses work wonders on type 3 hair. To grow thicker hair, you have to stimulate your hair follicles to produce more hair than they are actively doing at this time. Sharing my hair growth tips & how to make your hair grow fast!! This tight curl pattern can make it difficult for those natural oils on your scalp or essential oils that you apply to your hair to travel the length of the hair shaft. When it comes to 3c hair, this hairstyle is as trendy and chic as it gets. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins help to nourish the scalp and help get Afro hair growing long and strong. Six essential oils that can help to thicken your hair include: In summary, the path to thicker 3C hair requires you to potentially make a few adjustments to your hair care practices and food choices. For example, my hair is 3c with a touch of 3b in certain areas. When I reviewed the hair type page, I was immediately drawn to the image of the girl with 3c hair because her hair resembled my own. For a hair treatment with proteins the best ingredient to use is the egg. This shampoo will wash off the extra sulphate build up and make hair grow faster. Since I am a big fan of volume with just a bit of definition, I tend to use a gel that first shrink and tighten up the curl pattern, then with my fingers and a pick, I will fluff my curls out for added volume. It also helps balance pH and kills fungi like candida. Deep conditioning your hair will help not only to keep those springy curls hydrated, but it will also establish hair elasticity. It is highly porous, but this quality does not always work in its favor. 3C hair has a tight curl pattern than resembles corkscrews. You should try incorporating more scalp massages into your 3C hair care regimen. Choose the Right Shampoos for 3C Hair Beware of shampoos that can disrupt the structure of your 3C hair or damage your scalp. Once the hair growth cycle experiences a disruption, it can contribute to a decrease in follicle production. When I reviewed the hair type page, I was immediately drawn to the image of the girl with 3c hair because her hair resembled my own. You should always use premium-grade sulfate-free shampoos. You should always use premium-grade sulfate-free shampoos. Girls that take care of their hair have an higher IQ and I heard Jamaican black castor oil is the secret to fast hair growth! No more cutting my hair, unless it’s a trim. Your hair relies heavily on you choosing foods and beverages that contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals that can disrupt your hair's structure. It is mostly found in pumpkins, spinach, and kale. Well since you're talking numbers (3c, 4a) i'm going to assume that you wear out your Natural, Black hair so congrats! Hello! Type 3c curls are finer in texture, though packed tightly together on the head.” For example, my hair is 3c with a touch of 3b in certain areas. 3a. Beware of shampoos that can disrupt the structure of your 3C hair or damage your scalp. As added confirmation, the celebrities listed were whom I considered a hair match. 0. Oils, being good moisturizing agents, do the work of sealing in hydration into the hair shaft. Many folks make assumptions that all natural hair is thick, kinky, coily, and challenging to manage, but that stereotype is not true. Eucalyptus Oil. Essential oils contain properties that can enhance the rate and density at which your hair grows with consistent use. What "works" for you will ultimately depend your personal preference. However, vitamin supplements should not be the sole source of your nutrients. In my experience, trial and error has been the most helpful lesson to understanding what my hair needs. Tag: how to grow 3c 4a hair AVOID Becoming a Product Junkie. Repetitive damage of the scalp can disrupt your hair growth cycle. 3) Have a Weekly Protein Treatment to Make Natural Hair Grow Faster & Thicker From The Roots. 3C hair is the tightest curl pattern of the type 3 curls that is densely packed together and offers more volume to your hair. When you consider type 3C hair, one visualizes bouncy, kinky, extensive limited swirls.Before currently you most likely never ever understood that there are different hair kinds. Tie up half your hair into 2 buns on either side of your head and accessorize them with gold accent beads to create this uber stylish hair look. This step in your nighttime hair care regimen will help protect your hair's structure from frizzing and split ends. Do I care about definition more than volume?Â. Try spritzing your hair with water every … Vitamin B – Vitamin B is responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the scalp, which promotes rapid hair growth. Some of the treatments you can include in your hair care routine include: Fenugreek, Rice Water, Onion Juice, Herbal Treatments. Essential oils are good for so much more than aromatherapy. Hair cannot thrive if it isn’t hydrated, and this is even more so for curly hair. Another way to aid curly hair growth is by applying onion juice on your hair mixed with coconut oil in equal parts. If you like this article about how to thicken 3C hair, check out the related hair growth articles below... Get TYPE 4 hair tips delivered to your inbox every week! My hairs natural too so hopefully i can help. Regardless of the stage you are at in your personal healthy hair journey, learning your texture type can make a huge difference in your hair care and maintenance routine. Remember to use shampoo at least twice a week. CurlayGirlay Registered Users Posts: 240. If you have any tips for the NC community on discovering their curl pattern, share them below. 3C Hair Care Guide Step 1: Wash and condition thoroughly. JOIN THE "NHP-HIVE" : 19,500+ Black Women who get type-4 specific hair help, product discount codes and laughs in their inboxes! StrawBerriCurls. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Around this time every year i usually cut my hair to mid neck (just trying for change). Hair, I've been told, is made of protein, so when you eat protein, it helps strengthen everything that needs it for growth, such as your hair and nails. Although it should not be difficult to determine if your hair is within type 2, 3, or 4, the subcategories can be tricky. These can also be found in pumpkins and avocados. These strands may require premium protein treatments to help strengthen and enhance the structure of this hair. Arguably the most important thing about growing thick, healthy and strong 3C hair is moisture. Wash and condition your 3C hair thoroughly to remove oils and grease without stripping the curls Apply a styling curl cream to moisturize the ringlets while retaining their shape and bounce Define the curls with defining gels like the Dove Curls Defining Mousse List Item #1 When drying your hair post-wash and conditioning, try using a t-shirt instead to reduce breakage risks. Forms a loose “S” very easily straightened, Forms a definite “S” shaped like a corkscrew, Very tight curl when stretched creates an “S”, Hair intentionally matted to form "ropes", Guides and resources for easy product selection, Learn how to read your hair product labels, Easy-to-make recipes for all your haircare needs, Community member favorites make up this coveted list, Chat with curl friends about your favorite curly topics.