I used it specifically because it would wash well and my daughter woukd not have to use “special washing techniques “. Jun 2, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Jocelyn Carlin. The first is to use a chlorinated acid bath that removes the 'scales' from the fiber. 4-Ply Suitable for socks. As I said, there is so much conflicting information. On the left it is in its natural state, on the right it is under tension. I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend my days as a wife, mother, teacher and disciple. Thanks for this Kelly. $15.22. So the distinction between knitting and weaving yarns for the handcraft market has all but disappeared. I tend to use any yarn that takes my fancy and have had great success with Bendigo yarns. It is then wet finished and tumble dried on high for 50 minutes. I contacted my local, much loved woollen mills (Bendigo Woollen Mills) where I buy a lot of knitting yarn to use in my weaving … I have been stuck in the ‘rabbit hole’ of research quite a few times, it can be quite overwhelming. Short fibers, such as cashmere, need a more twist than long fibers, such as mohair. My experience with wool, not treated for super wash, is it’s so very easy to wash, and dries fairly quickly. I mainly use cotton, which has it’s own problems but don’t get me started, and have not yet used superwash wool, or given it much thought for that matter. Right now I’m doing a striped warp/color gamp sort of thing as a stash user-up, and some of the yarns are superwash and some are not. It just goes to show, you don’t know what you don’t know 😄. Well that was an eye-opener! Again, making it a great option for conveniences’ sake. Thank you Diana, These rules may not apply to the rigid heddle weaver since this loom doesn’t put as many demands on the yarn. If you’re in the beginner phase, and your head is swimming with confusion in regards to yarn choices, I have some helpful and free resources for you. $2,282.72. Weaving cotton Supima® 8/2 Ne, unbleached, unwaxed with stunning Silver Ingeo® addition. But for the best results you want to be using the right one! I used some superwash by mistake in one of my first weaving projects, and was disappointed with the outcome – I used too loose a sett, and being superwash it didn’t bloom :(. It’s great for all ages, and comes in a wide array of colors. Fuzzy vs. smooth has another implication for weavers—stickiness. This involves the application of resins (these can come from various sources, including petroleum) to fabric or clothing prior to retailing. An individual strand of fiber twisted together is called a single. Thank you for instructing, inspiring, and guiding! Biodegradable. I appreciate you writing this article and also the comments from those who have used natural wool and those who have tried the superwash. This will give you an idea of how it will hold up. Some of the things I’m going to mention here are difficult to talk about with a lot of accuracy as it may not be measurable and also I only have access to information I can find on the internet. that will take your through an explanation of what all those numbers on your weaving yarn cone mean and various measuring systems that are industry standards. I had no idea that super wash wool was treated. The wool supplier I use Chester gets their SW treatment from UK or Europe (if you’d like to check their info https://www.chesterwool.com/about-our-yarns) How is a knitter’s loom different to a rigid heddle loom? Thanks for such an interesting article, I didn’t know about superwash before and I have certainly had my share of yarn disasters over the years. As polymers are a type of plastic, some will argue that the yarn itself, following superwash treatment is now a plastic product and no longer natural. With its great stitch definition and marvelous range of solid and self-striping colors, it is an excellent yarn for all of your projects that call for dk Spun from 100% high-quality Merino, this superwash yarn is smooth and luxurious—perfect for everything from sweaters for the whole family to accessories and afghans! You can sett a sleek yarn closer than you can fuzzy. This is true to some extent for all yarns, but particularly for highly elastic yarns. "Superwash" wool or not? Feb 2, 2017 - Ambiente from Schoppel Wolle Content: 100% Merino superwash wool Yarn Category: Sport Weight/Yardage: 170 yds/ 50 g Gauge: 6.0-6.5 sts = 1 inch, US 2-4 Care: Machine wash This eye-catching fair isle stripe not only has a quality high-twist that resists pilling, but it is a 100% merino superwash that can be used fo… Here is an example of Universal yarn’s Deluxe DK Superwash wool yarn. Anyway, I had no idea Superwashed yarn was an issue, let alone, why! The Gems Worsted (100% Merino Wool) didn’t That was very helpful for when I pick yarn for future RH weaving projects! 40 o C Machine Washable. It can also be caused by incorrect shearing and spinning, but we shall hope that anyone who makes commercial yarn is skilled enough to pick good fleece and spin it right. This could be seen in the same light as many commercially available textiles in which “sizing” is used. Soft, luxurious, and warm, our Superwash Merino is also washing-machine safe. Cotton is a more uniform product with only a few varieties and it is typically prepared and spun in one way, whereas wool comes from a wide variety of sources and it can be prepared and spun in so many ways. These preparations and spinning techniques can be mixed and matched to create an infinitely variable number of yarn styles. Now I’ll be reading them with a different perspective. Includes ten hanks of soft “Classic Superwash Wool” by Ella Rae, packed in a kraft brown paper bag, and one FREE copy of the pattern leaflet. Yarns are spun with varying degrees of twist to get different results. This isn’t the case, it just breaks a lot of the rules and acts differently from other wools in the final fabric. Many other brilliantly talented folks have written on this subject. ' Superwash wool' is a wool that has been treated or processed in a way that allows it to be machine washed. I’ll be backstepping through your blogs to catch up. Worsted techniques don’t allow the twist to enter the yarn until it has been fully attenuated. We knew the non-superwash wool would felt: it’s supposed to. The Weaver’s Toolkit is an e-booklet that provides you with yarn conversion charts, recommended heddle sizes and a bunch of other quick reference information. Superwash wool yarn is a somewhat controversial yarn for fibre artists. I also have a short class What Do All the Numbers Mean? I wash all my wool, fleeces, or skeins, in hot water. The resulting yarn is smooth, dense, long wearing, and creates good stitch/pattern definition. We are sure you will love this light worsted/DK, 100% Superwash Wool yarn. This information has been collated from my own internet research. I’m glad I’ve saved all of the labels from my yarn purchases. Phew, that is a lot of information to take in. But yes, this again. Learn to weave online with my weaving classes for all levels! So thank you for the information and the links! The superwash treatment makes the wool easier to wash, and it also keeps the yarn from expanding or blooming as much as it would in its natural state when wet finished. It consists of immersing the wool in successive baths containing mainly chlorine and caustic soda which together causes a chemical reaction subsequently involving an anti-chlorine treatment. Thanks Kelly for the research and sharing the information. https://www.chesterwool.com/about-our-yarns. DETAILS 100% Superwash Merino Wool Weight: 50 g / 1.75 oz Crochet Hook Size: G / 4.25 mm (7 / 4.50 mm, H / 5.00 mm) … As knitting became more popular and consumer demand changed, many manufacturers that catered to the makers market changed their formulas, softening the yarn by decreasing the oil left in the yarns, lessening the singles and ply twist, and using more and more superfine wools. To a spinner, it refers to both a yarn style and a spinning technique. Yarn Card Price:$4.00. Consider line drying your superwash wool crochet items. Superwash sock yarn warp rebounds more and so your weft will end up more crowded and your fabric more stiff. I have also seen some insistence that this type of polymer is not a type of plastic. Boy am I naïve! Oh yes, yarn can be very controversial, more so in the knitting world than in weaving. Kettle dyed Autumn Colors $ 15.00. #35 - Bulky 3 ply, 100% Superwash Wool yarn. Woolen spun, tender, loosely plied, or softly spun yarns are often shunned. I am fortunate to have a stash of wool in many forms to last me a life time. I have read some articles insisting that a superwash yarn is a plastic product and others that, like you, say that polymers are not plastic. Welcome! And simple to do on my Sampleit RH loom.!! If the yarn looks smooth and has a lot of bounce, those are the qualities will be imparted to your project—if and this is a big if—you sett it right. Extremely smooth strong yarn. There’s a fact that I have to store in my brain! I invite comments on this topic, but as it can be a sensitive one, I ask you to keep it a respectful and helpful discussion. But not too much thank goodness! The trick is you just have to train yourself to see. Bomullsgarn Hillesvåg Yarns . Most knitters who are not allergic or sensitive to wool love using that natural fiber for warmth, springiness, and great wearing in … Your email address will not be published. Woolen yarns have more loft and space between the fibers than worsted yarns. I have read that super wash wool does not hold up as well as wool that has not been treated. Superwash is really popular among dyers because it takes dye so well. This is the type of character the yarn will impart to your project. In general, knitting yarns are more soft and stretchy, while weaving yarns are more durable and sturdy. But we didn’t expect how much the 2 Superwash wool yarns would. We've got a few little looms here, so maybe it's time to try out weaving with a kit! Thank you, Liz, for your helpful guidance on selecting yarns that are suitable for various projects. One way to test this is to take a length of yarn and rub it back and forth on the edge of a table. For our purposes, the take away is that you don’t want to use a superfine ultra fine merino yarn for a pillow that will get a lot of wear in a way the yarn wasn’t intended. Put me right off. Superwash wool is still a popular choice for those who like to hand-dye yarns. It isn’t as straightforward a telling as it was with cotton and I’m warning you right now it is a long one. 3 Yarns Beginner Weavers should Never Use! Most superwash wool is made in two ways (or a combination of the two). I contacted my local, much loved woollen mills (Bendigo Woollen Mills) where I buy a lot of knitting yarn to use in my weaving projects. Wool is a protein based fiber, which means the enzymes in your detergent can harm the wool. Take a look and see if the yarn begins to pill. Worsted yarns are traditionally spun from worsted preparations, where the fibers are aligned and of uniform length. Kettle dyed. When I talk about “wool”, I’m using the dictionary definition that includes “the soft, wavy, or curly, usually thick, undercoat of various hairy mammals and especially the sheep.” This information can be applied to a wide variety of protein fibers including angora, mohair, alpaca, yak, cashmere, etc. Weavers who buy wool yarn need to be able to determine two things—will the wool hold up and will it work for my project. Tynt & Tykt are supplied onn 100 gram cones. Another treatment follows which smooths the scales by means of various methods, in particular a polymer bath. There is a trade-off between these two extremes. Because superwash is popular for socks and other knitting yarns designed for baby items, they are often constructed to have a lot of elasticity. Eco-friendly. It is worsted spun with a low ply twist. I'm Kelly and I'm so happy to have you here. It's also great for baby and children projects. I prefer to use all natural fibers in both my knitting and my weaving, so again, thank you for the information. Aha. Have you ever wished for a wool yarn that didn’t pill as much? Keep in mind that most of the yarn rules you may hear regarding looms apply to looms with shafts. Private Chat Group, My Evolved Thinking On How To Fix a Broken Warp End. Then there are the chemicals themselves. I’ve washed many a fleece over the years, dyed naturally and with commercial dyes, and spun many a skein. Hercosett is a polyamide-epichlorohydrin polymer and some argue that it is a highly dangerous substance, while other sources will state that the chemicals used to create the polymer are toxic, but this doesn’t mean that the end product (the polymer itself) going through the correct chemical process is not safe. It has some elasticity. The length of the fiber determines how much twist the fiber needs to to have the integrity to stay put during use. To a yarn buyer, it describes the size of the yarn. These can be natural like wool, silk, cotton, polyamide, or man made like polystyrene or polyester. Malabrigo Yarn "Washted" Pocion, superwash merino wool yarn, worsted weight for knitting, crochet, weaving, crafts. 60% Superwash merino, 20% silk, 20% yak 16/2 Nm $13.95 We are thrilled to introduce weaving yarn containing merino wool, yak and mulberry silk. Hi Kelly Let’s take a close look at two poppular wool yarns, Brooklyn Tweed’s Arbor (left) and Cascade’s Ecological Wool (right). There are a few main issues that some people have with superwash wool. Polymers is something with large molecules that repeat in structure. And that means that the yarn is treated. But I have no experience with that. You’re welcome Martha, thank you for reading! In this article, I’m going to attempt to outline what superwash woollen yarn is in a factual manner. Looking forward to being able to weave along again I’ve really missed doing it ? You can knit with a weaving yarn, and you can weave with a knitting yarn. You aren’t likely to see this information on the yarn ball, so what I look for is the yarn fuzzy or smooth, more on that in a bit. Order Vamsegarn Yarn . From accessories and kids items to blankets and quick knits, this is the perfect yarn! So, what is all the controversy about? Because knitting yarns and weaving yarns are definitely not the same. It can also be referred to as 'washable wool'. it's time for our annual equipment sale! One is sleek, smooth, and visually has good definition. So while you may feel a coned wool yarn as rough, once it is washed and the oil is removed, it may feel entirely different. Anti-Tickle & Machine Washable, 100% Pure new wool, made from a blend of merino fibres (between 27 & 23 Micron). The other is fuzzy and less defined. When you purchase woollen (usually a knitting yarn), if you read the care label instructions, it will either say “hand wash” or “machine washable”. Polski English Currency € Euro; zł Polish Zloty $ Dolar amerykański; Search. My comment is very biased as I raised a small flock of sheep for over 25 years and I love wool! I will think twice on what choices I make In the future when weaving with wool. Lovely article, attention though that polymers are NOT plastic. Cascade Eco made from pooled wool which is comprised of cross breeds that share the same characteristics. If you’re really baffled about yarn sizes, I have two other resources that will really help you out. The superwash treatment makes the wool easier to wash, and it also keeps the yarn from expanding or blooming as much as it would in its natural state when wet finished. It is Navy Blue with approximately 1 pound of yarn on each cone, about 350 yards per pound, so is a Bulky weight. Even though most are machine dry, they often last longer if they are dried on a line (or laid flat to dry). This is what causes wool to felt. It also means that, under the right conditions, a finished woollen piece can be washed in a washing machine (always follow care instructions for temperature specifics and correct steps). If you don’t leave room for the yarn to rebound after it has been taken off the tension from the loom, the resulting fabric may be stiff. EU has very strict rules (especially in the treatment to the water after the process). I’ve been weaving with sock yarn on my RHL and I need to be careful not to beat it too hard. Woollen yarn just loves to grab onto itself – the surface is scaly and these scales want to be joined as one! I had the supreme pleasure of acting as her producer for this class. If, for example, I mention potentially toxic waste water, I have no way of quantifying what level of toxicity or if the toxicity is actually present. Thanks Kelly! Pilling is caused when individual fibers work their way loose from the yarn. You want yarn that will be strong, but you may also want it to be pliable. Some manufacturers would leave a bit of the spinning oil in the yarn that was used to protect the fibers during processing. Have questions? I never thought of all the other side effects of superwash, and I’m ashamed because I consider myself very environmentally aware. I have a huge number of students from all over the world and all different backgrounds. A beautiful Spinner's Care Package comes free with any spinning wheel purchase, now through Nov 28. This is partly due to the demand from their customers and friends. That said, it did hold up well, but I did not enjoy working with it.
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