Please send your check to Webellent LLC, PO Box 661 Pewaukee, WI 53072 USA. Today at its West End emporium, it offers the broadest retail philatelic stock available anywhere in the world, with over a million stamps available to browse and purchase. 100 x 1st Class Definitive Stamp with L&S gum worth £76 from 23rd March. Mint and Used Great British Stamps. Stamp: n. The collection and study of postage stamps . We only sell stamps with full original gum sourced from stamp collections, professional stamp dealers and leading auction houses in the UK and Europe. Find us at The Strand. From auctions to collectors, to other dealers stocks, we will buy and sell almost everything philatelic! Flags in national colours Part set (42 of 44) 2 of Italy missing, Saudi Arabia 1916-1925 Nice mint selection identified as SG7,31,34,38,42/4,58,98,99,105,106,108,172.173c,176 also one mint unidentified plus a couple of used SG 35 and 38, (20), Madeira 1981 Regional Flowers part set (2), Tristan Da Cunha 1954 QEII Full Definitive set to 10s (14) stc £98. The main portal for UK Stamp Collecting. Stamp Dealer - Stamps for Collectors - Your World of Stamps. We buy and sell worldwide and US postage stamps, collections and dealer stocks. ... PHILATELY is a fancy name for a great hobby and we'd like to introduce you to the UK Philately website.. As these pages seek to explain, we are not just talking about stamp collecting, but postal history, thematics, social philately and much more. Richnoddy Stamps | Online Store | International Stamp Dealers We use cookies to enhance your user experience, by staying on our website you agree to our use of cookies. Welcome to Jerwood Philatelics, a stamp dealer in Northfield, Birmingham. Why You Should Buy From Us. Find information for stamp collectors, philatelists, postal historians, the young and not so young and beginners to experts. We offer THE BEST DEALS! Stamps of Channel Islands (GREAT BRITAIN), Stamps of Northern Ireland (GREAT BRITAIN), Stamps of Australia- N.S.W. Full set (20) plus majority of additional shades and perfs. Hawid Mounts & Lighthouse Collecting Accessories. As a result it is getting much harder to buy some of the more popular stamps and booklets at any discount to face value, especially when collectors are willing to pay a premium over face value. Suitable and relevant items have been scanned or photographed, some are allocated an easily identifiable symbol to assist your browsing. Check out our online stamp shop inventory for stamp collectors categorized by countries, territories and by topics. Announcing our next ONLINE STAMPS AND COLLECTABLES … it is illegal to sell or use unfranked stamps which have already been used on letters and packages. Stamp Auction Houses in the UK All the stamp auction sites listed here have catalogues which can be viewed on line and / or downloaded. Online catalogue and ordering of postage stamps of Great Britain. Search for Stamp Dealers and other retailers near you, and submit a review on This site lists many of the stamps I have for sale or exchange, although by no means all the collection. The current owners, Roger and Sue West, have taken the family business to new levels catering for the specialist and thematic collector or dealer. Prices typically range from £5 to several hundred pounds. Mouse over the camera () to see thumbnail images, To view in full detail click 'info' then 'enlarge image'. My website has been operating since July 2013 and has grown rapidly since its inception. Welcome to Philatelic Items (Stamp Dealer) where you will finds british stamps, commonwealth stamps, rare stamps, penny black. Dauwalders of Salisbury | Stamps, Coins and Accessories. We ship worldwide. (In our view!) Academy Stamp & Autograph British Empire/Commonwealth, Japan, Spain and Colonies, United States, want lists. We buy extensively throughout Europe and the UK. stamp website of the day Candlish McCleery Ltd . Search Here or get in Touch! Sign Up To Our Newsletter Stay up to date on the latest product releases and offers by signing up to our newsletter. Founded as an independent dealer in 1970. SALE! From vintage stamps to bulk collections. Visit any part of my online shop by clicking on the side bars - Then use the drop down box at the top of the next page that appears. In that time we have a established a very strong client base in both the UK and abroad, and are able to handle almost everything stamp related. Also Stamps of Countries and Colonies of the World set out in sets, singles, odd items and bargain lots,new stock is added occassionally. We have been serving collectors worldwide since 1965 and are a member of PTS (Philatelic Traders Society) and IFSDA (The International Federation of Stamp Dealers … We hope that you and yours are doing well and we are grateful for your understanding during this difficult time. Or email [email protected] with your mailing address to request a printed copy. GB stamp dealer, buying and selling postage stamps of Great Britain from 1840 Penny Blacks to modern security Machin definitives, commemorative sets, miniature sheets, postage dues and wildings Also Stamps of Countries and Colonies of the World set out in sets, singles, odd items and bargain lots,new stock is added occassionally. We accept mail orders from US customers. Located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Stamps for Collectors is an online stamp shop selling to stamp collectors worldwide. Great British Stamp Dealers in GB Stamps British First Day Covers Jersey Guernsey Isle of Man Stamps + First Day Covers GB FDC GB Postage Stamps Channel Islands Alderney Stamps UK Visit any part of my online shop by clicking on the side bars - Then use the drop down box at the top of the next page that appears. including Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and Nicaragua from just 30% of SG's catalogue price. View our online store for an extensive range of stamps for sale with thousands under the catalogue price! Scotland's best-stocked and most popular stamp shop (also handling coins, banknotes, medals, and cards) Thank you for visiting our website. We are now finding that a growing number of more recent stamp issues are becoming collectible, which is how it should be. Stamp albums & stockbooks. For stamp collecting and stamp collectors. AtoZee Stamp Collecting Directory - the collector's guide to stamp dealers online - A. in quest of the best web sites for collectors. Images. Stamp Dealers: A. Aall Stamps & Collectibles United States, worldwide. Large selection of kiloware, stamp packets and accessories – +15.000 articles available online with full satisfaction guarantee. Shop & support good causes! Copyright Philatelink All rights reserved. As Stamp Dealers in Norwich, Norfolk we specialise in all aspects of Great Britain stamps from 1840 to date and attend most stamp fairs in Norfolk and North Suffolk. Please be aware that currently our mail delivery services are being impacted by the coronavirus, and as a result delivery may take longer than normal. Avion Thematics have been satisfying stamp collectors for over 70 years, having been established in 1948 by Ken West. Cheap 1st Class (76p) Definitive Stamp with L&S gum. is the online stamp shop for I G Stamps. We accept the following cards: MONDAY - … Experience Counts 50+ Years in Business. We look forward to getting back to prompt delivery as soon as possible. Albany Stamps specialises in British stamps for sale and supplies all types of GB stamps and philately with a choice of UK addressed and unaddressed first day covers, presentation packs, single stamps and sets, miniature sheets, GB machin stamps, stamp booklets, panes, regionals, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and a lot more. Collectible stamps can be found in our eBay Shop. We pride ourselves in carrying a wide and varied stock of the world. We are well known in the Philatelic Trade and publish our GB postage buying prices in leading philatelic trade and stamp collecting publications, and on our website BUYING PRICES. Some wonderful Thematic stamps from cars and cats to fish and flight are included in the listings. Please feel free to browse through the stamp catalogue - to see if I have stamps that you are looking for. We are well known in the Philatelic Trade and publish our GB postage buying prices in leading philatelic trade and stamp collecting publications, and on our website BUYING PRICES. Excellent Reputation Trusted By Collectors Globally. Discover Oxfam Online Shop's range of second-hand stamps, first day covers & thematics. 1st Class and 2nd Class NVI Discounted Stamps, £20 to £1000 Mixed Bags of Discounted Stamps, Europe and Worldwide International Discounted Stamps, 1p to 9p Discounted Stamps (mixed designs throughout), 10p to 29p Discounted Stamps (mixed designs throughout), 30p to 49p Discounted Stamps (mixed designs throughout), 50p to 97p Discounted Stamps (mixed designs throughout), £1 to £10 Discounted Stamps (mixed designs unless otherwise stated), Reliable eBay Trading Assistant Service, Galashiels, Scotland. Can't find what you're looking for? SEE BELOW FOR CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION. Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd Phone +44 (0) 1661 871 953 Email [email protected] Registered Office (postal address see below) Roland House, Princes Dock Street, Hull HU1 2LD Company number 9189865 Bloxhamstamps is a Trading name of Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd Mark Bloxham Stamps(markbloxhamstamps) is a Trading name of Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd Our Postal Address is: … Stanley Gibbons began as a stamp counter within a family business in Plymouth in 1856. Stamps for sale from the British Empire and Commonwealth. Buy stamps online from Royal Mail. Top-rated Specialist GB discounted postage stamp dealers based in Galashiels, Scotland. UK250 A great collection of UK Stamp websites » home » add to favourites » tell a friend » list your site » help » see all categories; STAMP Websites Worldwide Coverage Stamps From 250+ Countries & 100+ Topics. We are specialist philatelic buyers and sellers of GB postage stamps to individuals and businesses. You can buy stamps online individually or in complete philatelic collections. Stewart Stamps was founded in 1946 by my father Samuel who returned from the army in 1945 with the biggest sack of Malayan stamps you ever did see! Nearly every stamp listed in complete sections mostly on one or two pages with easy "one - click" ordering. GB PRESTIGE STAMP BOOKLETS All at very Special Prices click here... GRAND STOCK CLEARANCE - LIQUIDATION - EVERYTHING MUST GO! In September 2020 I reached the milestone of over 10,000 items in stock. Stamp Dealer providing retail, mail order, and auction supplies to stamp collectors and stamp dealers worldwide . Robin Hood Stamp Company buys large accumulations of stamps and breaks them down in to suitable items. Hello Guest! We also offer Europa CEPT stamp issues from all the member countries. Find Stamp Dealers near United Kingdom, get reviews, directions, opening hours and payment details. (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Falkland Islands (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Gilbert and Ellice I (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Grenada Grenadines (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Hong Kong (China) (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Forces(C.E.F) (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Forces(I.E.F) (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian St - Rajpipla (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States -Morvi (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Alwar (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Bamra (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Bhopal (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Bhor (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Bijawa (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Cochin (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Dhar (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian States-Idar (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts - Duttia (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts - Orchha (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts - Poonch (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian St-Saurashtra (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Barwani (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Bundi (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Bussahir (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Chamba (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Charkhari (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Faridkot (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Gwalior (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Hyderabad (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Indore (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Jaipur (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Jammu & K (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Jhalawar (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Kishangar (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Las Bela (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Nabha (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Nawanagar (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Patiala (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Sirmoor (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Soruth (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Travancor (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Traven-Co (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Indian Sts-Wadhwan (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Kenya-Uganda-Tang (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malay Federated Stat (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malayan Federation (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malayan Postal Union (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Japan occs (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Kelantan (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Malacca (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Negri Sembi (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Sarawak (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Selangor (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Straits S (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Sungei Ujon (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Malaysia-Trengganu (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Morocco Agy-British (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Morocco Agy-French (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Morocco Agy-Gibralta (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Morocco Agy-Spanish (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Morocco Agy-Tangier (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of New Hebrides - (Fr) (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of New Hebrides - BR (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Niger Coast Protect (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Nigeria-Northern (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Nigeria-Southern (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of North West Pacific I (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Orange Free State (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Papua New Guinea (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Pitcairn Islands (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Prince Edward Island (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Rhodesia - Northern (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Rhodesia - Southern (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Rhodesia & Nyasaland (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Somaliland Protect (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of South Arabian Fed (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of South Georgia/Sandwi (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of South West Africa (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of St Chris Nevis Angui (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of St Vincent Grenadns (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Tristan Da Cunha (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Turks-Caicos Islands (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Zil El Wannyen Sesel (COMMONWEALTH), Stamps of Miniature Sheets (MINIATURE SHEETS), Stamps of Bargain Basement (BARGAIN BASEMENT), Aden ref-10 1953 QEII full set + variations (27), Cayman Islands ref-18 1938 KGVI Basic set of 14 + 115a 116a 119a 122b 123a (19), Grenada 1938-1950 KGVI various designs - Full set (12) plus shades and perfs - some duplication (48 stamps), Kenya-Uganda-Tang 1938-1954 KGVI various designs.
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