Chain This course also introduces students to the importance of time management and capacity planning. The program offers insights into the Supply Chain Management field, inventory and warehouse management, international procurement and marketing. The videos below are on LinkedIn Learning, which the College subscribes to. View 1 Supply Chain Management … [email protected] ... Seton Hall isn't just another college, it's a place to learn and grow in both a professional and individual sense, and I can't wait for the next couple of years! [CDATA[ Business CommunicationsGBSC 1004 – 36 hoursDiscover the fundamentals of interpersonal and group interaction, including written, verbal, and non-verbal communications. Intercultural Strategies for BusinessSCLP 1101 – 21 hoursAs manufacturing operations and supply chains become ever more globalized, cross-cultural communication and employee intercultural skills have grown in importance for Canadian and international business organizations. Topics include: Accounting concepts, recording transactions, adjusting accounts, preparing the statements and completing the accounting cycle, accounting for merchandising activities, and inventories and special journals. Negotiations and Supplier ManagementSCLP 1202 – 40 hoursThis course gives students experience and tools to work in a Purchasing environment. // ]]> Review the program learning outcomes for Supply Chain Management (385) In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. 201. Introduction to Contract Law and AdministrationSCLP 1106 – 25 hoursThis course provides students with a broad introduction to the fundamentals of contract law with specific reference to various facets of the supply chain. PhD. You will become experienced in international product sourcing, negotiating purchase agreements, and managing the transportation logistics of importing and exporting goods internationally. Essentials of Freight ForwardingSCLP 1205 – 50 hoursAlmost all supply chains are global in scope and very few companies can navigate the international intricacies on their own. Human Resources ManagementGBSC 1003 – 36 hourThe Human Resources Management Course provides an overview of the profession’s fundamental functions and competencies. This course will also focus on other internal programs used to secure the supply chain. Upon successful completion of the programme and verification by the TETA SETA, you will receive a National Certificate: Supply Chain Management. View 2 Supply Chain Management courses 27577. views. View Program Requirements 1 Answer 120 Views Which are the best colleges in Vancouver for Diploma in accounting for further transfer to UBC? Study 4 years full-time or try part time, and learn hands on with an internship and co-op option. [CDATA[ This course assumes you have no prior knowledge and will benefit the beginner. // ]]> Concepts such as just- in- time, virtual inventory, supplier rationalization, and reductions in the number of distribution facilities have reduced total supply chain costs, but the result has been increased risk. Earn your Supply Chain Management Degree at Sheridan's Pilon School of Business. Customs Issues and ProceduresSCLP 1206 – 40 hoursThis course introduces students to the regulatory requirements of an import or export business. Operations ManagementBUSM 3200 – 42 hoursThe course looks at the decisions firms need to make in order to run efficient, competitive, lean and profitable operations. Admission Requirements. For more information about this, or any School of Business programs, contact [email protected] or 604-599-3251. Topics include types of supplier relationships, methods of negotiation and factors involved in developing lasting supplier relationships. 1 Answer 200 Views It covers commercial documentation requirements including import and export permits; cargo security; marine and transport insurance; international payments; costing and quoting; and the transportation of dangerous goods. Students learn essential vocabulary and skills for identifying and applying the basic principles of inventory management. 2 Answers 137 Views Can I opt for post degree Diploma in web and mobile app design and development program in Langara College after completing B.Sc? The program is open to international students, Canadian citizens and permanent residents. document.write((new Date).getFullYear()); Langara College Library Research Guides SCLP 1301: Career Management - Supply Chain & Logistics Job Postings Search this Guide Search. Please note: Certain courses may be completed in a different term than is listed below, or presented in a different sequence, depending on course schedule issued for each term. Langara College, located in Vancouver, B.C., provides university, career, and continuing studies programs to over 23,000 students annually. Explore effective speaking techniques and the art of verbal persuasion. Students examine the formation of contracts, the different types of contracts, the interpretation of contracts, contractual defects, and breaches of contract. ... Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Topics include: supply, demand and price; elasticity and price regulation; production costs and decisions; market structures and pricing; national economic indicators, issues, performance, and policy; money, banking and interest; unemployment and inflation; and the global environment of trade and finance. Manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers must carefully manage their resources, operations, and transportation flows to meet the needs of customers. Find out More. Microsoft OfficeBSAD 1029 – 36 hoursCreate professional and attractive documents with the Microsoft Office suite Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets), and PowerPoint (presentations). Favourites. It examines the roles of the players, namely the importer, exporter, Canada Border Services Agency, and the customs broker, and how other government departments affect the importing and exporting of goods. Supply Chain Management practices have evolved toward more lean process approaches in order to reduce waste within the overall chain. International Conflict Analysis. Program Deferral and Cancellation Refund Policy, © Key courses . Learn how to choose the best media and deliver effective messages in a variety of business situations. Supply chain management is increasingly important to government, organisation and companies in a competitive market across a variety of sectors. Why not? Langara College Spring ... fundamental issues in operations and supply chain management. This course builds on the basics and principles of freight forwarding and focuses on the issues that are inter-related to bringing the goods to market successfully. Supply Build on your diploma and use the credits you have to get your degree in less time. The Supply Chain Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate program will enhance the credentials of successful students, enabling them to demonstrate understanding, knowledge, skills and expertise in supply chain to potential employers. Students will apply training, knowledge, skills, and abilities in supply-chain related roles that will assist them in gaining employment upon graduation from the program. document.write((new Date).getFullYear()); Langara College Library Research Guides SCLP 1301: Career Management - Supply Chain & Logistics Resumes and Cover Letters Search this Guide Search. In general, this course presents the fundamental issues in operations and supply chain management. The Supply Chain Management - Logistics (Co-op) program will satisfy all of your managerial ambitions within this field. Langara College all rights reserved, Additional Resources for Current Students. The course covers all of the key areas of distribution operations and the key activities involved in each area, with a focus on managing warehouse receiving and storage activities, managing warehouse order, dispatch and distribution operations, and the provision and care of warehouse resources. Students will learn to make transportation related decisions that add value to the customers and reduce the overall operating costs for the business. Semester 2 Introduction to Human Resources Global Supply Chain Management International Business/ Marketing Transportation Information System International Trade Law. Get FREE counselling. Employment Strategies for the Current Labour MarketEXPE 2300 – 42 hoursStudents will be introduced to the theory and practice of recruitment as well as labour market development. Mohawk College Canada. It’s an accredited university and the program is accredited, as well. Have a solid understanding of Scope, Time, HR management and learn how us MS Project as an effective tool for managing these elements.International Transportation and TradeSCLP 1204 – 50 hours. Langara College Post Degree Diploma Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management. 180. Economics - Micro & MacroBSAD 1088 – 49 hours. Professional PurchasingSCLP 1105 – 40 hoursStudents will develop an in-depth understanding of supply management and commodity strategy, supplier qualification, selection and management, and strategic cost management. Ranking of the best New Jersey colleges for logistics and supply chain management majors. //
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