It takes much less energy to grow and sustain bamboo than other similar trees and plants used for fiber production. Because most bamboo fiber production is in China, it is difficult to monitor the manufacturing processes. Some say bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool – a more soft and luxurious feel. Bamboo is a bounteous, renewable natural artifact with much remarkable individuality; here we can share the benefits of bamboo products, the other side of the benefits. Bamboo fabric is used for a range of clothing, such as shirts, dresses, socks and slacks, and because of its antimicrobial properties, is ideal for active wear. This infographic was created by Bamigo to educate and explain to the readers about the various benefits of bamboo fabric and why it is becoming by far the most sustainable textile available to help create a better world. The nature of bamboo fiber means that it helps ensure you are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bamboo is often blended with 30% cotton to add structure to garments. Bamboo Clothing: Supersoft - nothing feels so good to your skin. Komodo is one of the leading bamboo clothing brands and has been striving to be the top ethical fashion brand since 1988. Bamboo is being considered as an excellent fabric choice amongst clothing manufacturers and retailers because it is less harmful to the environment than cotton. What is the Best Fabric For Nursing Pads? Because of its rapid growth and root structure, bamboo can, in a very short time, reclaim land destroyed by overgrazing and over-building and clean the soil of toxins. 6 Benefits of Clothing Made from Bamboo Viscose. All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice ~ 2017 Trimester Fashion, Why Is Bamboo Good For Clothing? If searching just after our planet is vital to you then you definitely will probably be incredibly interested in the benefits of using bamboo, not merely for clothes but for a lot of household products too. Bamboo can be grown without pesticides or chemicals because of its own antibacterial agent. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As long as you dry it in low heat, bamboo clothes will not shrink or go baggy over time. Bamboo Clothing Bamboo clothing is an environmentally sustainable business focused on providing organic bamboo clothing that benefits our customers' well-being while protecting the planet. Even when bamboo is the “plant source” used to create rayon, no traits of the original plant are left in the finished product. They are also thermo-regulating so you’ll be warm in winter and cool in summer, naturally! The clothes really are sustainable because they never wear out. Source of raw material The bamboo used to make the yarn for Boody bamboo eco wear is … Bamboo clothing is famous for being able to keep its sha… This makes bamboo  naturally antibacterial regardless of how often it is washed. Consumer awareness is the best method for applying pressure on bamboo fiber manufacturers to ensure environmental costs of bamboo textiles are kept to a minimum. A cross-section of bamboo fiber reveals various micro-holes, allowing bamboo cloth to have superior absorption. Benefits of Bamboo Products. Bamboo is a fast growing, self-regenerating grass that requires no fertilizer, tilling, or pesticides. Some bamboo sequester up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare. Komodo’s selection of men’s and women’s bamboo clothes is huge and definitely stylish for those looking to stand out. Bamboo for textile production is almost exclusively grown in China and Taiwan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The prices reflect the quality but aren't exorbitant. Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, thermal regulating, moisture wicking, odor & bacteria resistant. Naturally eco-friendly, a dream to wear, resilient, superbly soft and healthy for even the most sensitive skin, bamboo clothing is without a doubt the way to go. This is because bamboo is naturally gentle. Bamboo fabric is used for a range of clothing, such as shirts, dresses, socks and slacks, and because of its antimicrobial properties, is ideal for active wear. Bamboo fabric has been lauded for its comfy and eco-friendly goodness. Towels are resistant to piling and shrinkage, super absorbent. Bamboo clothing review by Karen Fischer. Bamboo is becoming by far the most sustainable textile available to help create a better world. With bamboo we can create clothing that is dense enough to be warm and yet breathable so you don’t overheat. Read on to find out the benefits of bamboo fabric clothing and why it is better than other types of fabrics in this infographic. Bamboo fiber resembles cotton in its un-spun form, a puffball of light, airy fibers. Bamboo fiber is an amazing sustainable material with a wide range of applications. Bamboo fabric is … If you’ve looked into buying organic clothes for your baby or your children, you’ll have no doubt come across bamboo. If you’re also wondering about its benefits, the following are some of the perks you will enjoy if you switch to this fabric: *Less shrinking. Well, with bamboo clothing this isn’t the case. Product Name: Kickee Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes Product Description: If you are looking for comfortable baby clothes made from bamboo viscose, we highly recommend this KicKee Pants Print Footie with Zipper. For those who are also the sort of individual who enjoys lovely garments but also insists on a higher degree of c It helps to keep bodies warm when it’s cold and cool when it is warm. If you are looking to shop more sustainably, you are sure to love bamboo clothing. It is anti-static and the eco-friendly bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin. Bamboo gives us clean air to breathe, consumes carbon dioxide and, because bamboo forests are so dense, returns 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees. From clothes to accessories to reusable coffee mugs, they have it all and at a good price. Bamboo grass is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth and it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than hardwood trees. And bamboo clothing benefits have been widely known for a long time like being the softest men's t-shirts. And because bacteria does not live well in bamboo it does not hold smells either. You hear about bamboo being the clothing of choice for babies and kids with skin sensitivities. According to the US Federal Trade Commission, soft “bamboo” fabrics on the market today made using harsh solvents, are actually rayon. #baby #ecofriendly #parentingtips Because the market appeal for bamboo clothing is growing, manufacturers are working to process bamboo fiber using methods that are certifiable and environmentally benign. cotton, lycra, spandex, polyester) for different textiles, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on the garment for recommended cleaning procedures. The only reason why bamboo is used in the production of this fabric instead of another type of wood is reduced manufacturing costs; the benefits of this fiber are not present in its viscose form, and consumers should be wary of the conflating this type of textile with true mechanically-produced bamboo … Proudly NZ owned and operated. Strong and Soft. A sustainable product thats good for the enviroment. There is a growing market for top-quality clothing that comes with many lasting and convincing benefits that will help you make that switch today. 1. © 2020 - All Rights Reserved, 15 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays. They start to stretch out at the openings and just don’t retain the original shape they once had. Other features and benefits of bamboo fiber: Bamboo’s organic and naturally smooth fiber properties are non-irritating to the skin, making it ideal for people with skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis. Bamboo is both strong and soft. Exercise often involves getting cold then warm then cold again and wearing bamboo helps you keep an even temperature. There’s also no evidence that rayon made from bamboo retains the antimicrobial properties of the bamboo plant, as some sellers and manufacturers claim. Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton with a texture similar to silk. Ideal Yoga Clothing, Base layers, socks and more.. As consumer interest for bamboo fiber builds, however, it is likely to apply more pressure for transparency among manufacturers. According to Bamboo Village, towels, sheets and clothing made from bamboo are more absorbent than cotton products. These newer processes include closed-loop systems such as the Lyocell process used in making Tencel, and processes using safer solvents such as acetic acid. Environmental Benefits of BambooFeatures of Bamboo Fiber ClothingTextile DevelopmentSupport Sustainable Plantations. More often, chemical processes are used which can pose threats to workers at processing plants and the immediate environment around processing facilities. Because bamboo fiber is often blended with other fibers (e.g. Some people can still experience chemical sensitivities, however, depending on the manufacturing process used to produce the fiber. Bamboo clothing also has excellent wicking properties, making it ideal for warm summer days. Read article about Read Article on Benefits of Bamboo Fabric, Maintenance of Bamboo Clothing and Comparison between Bamboo and Cotton. From the world's most sustainable crop. Excuse the expletive. You can find bamboo used in the bedroom and bathroom too. The breathable, thermo-regulating properties of sheets made from bamboo fibers will provide a comfortable night’s … Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than cotton. Let’s look at the benefits you need to know! You’ll find bamboo garments, wraps, swaddles and blankets. That’s why we’re here. 8 Key Benefits, bamboo garments, wraps, swaddles and blankets, 5 Tips: How To Label Little Pieces of Baby and Kid's Clothing, Special Bond Between a Mother and her Daughter, Couple Maternity T-Shirts Photo Shoot Dad Maternity Tee Shirts, Pregnancy Top Me Mini Me Maternity Top Birth Announcement Tee Shirt, I Can't Keep Calm I Am Having Twins Maternity T-Shirt Birth Announcement Pregnancy Top, Dad To Bee T-Shirt Dad Maternity Tee Shirt, The Man behind the Bump Dad maternity T-shirt baby Shower Gift For New father Dad Daddy, The Best Husbands Get Promoted To Daddy T-Shirt Dad Maternity Tee Shirt, 5 Ways: How To Wear Regular Jeans While Pregnant. Wearing and supporting bamboo clothes has a lot of benefits, for the environment and also for you. This eco-friendly option makes fabulous clothing that suits everyone. Maternity Ski Clothes – Ski Pants, Snow Suits and Jackets. Manufacturers often advise against using fabric softeners or bleach. The benefits of bamboo fabric are endless. Learn how your comment data is processed. Benefits of Bamboo Fabric. Bamboo is a sustainable, renewable resource that grows back quickly and doesn’t require the large uses of pesticides that many fabric crops do. Bamboo not only grows naturally but bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable. It is a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic product grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Modern bamboo clothing is made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and other yarns such as cotton or other textile fibers including hemp, spandex and nylon. Look for certification from an independent and reliable certification company such as Oeko-Tex, Soil Association, SKAL, KRAV or similar organic or sustainable certification body. This remarkable and versatile product offers a completely eco-friendly solution to many of our modern needs. Because of its antibacterial and UV resistant properties, bamboo fiber clothing is particularly well suited for performance and exercise wear. Another key feature of bamboo, like cotton, is that this is lightweight and helps to keep you drier longer. Several different manufacturing processes can be used to convert bamboo from the plant to the woven fabric, with varying environmental costs. In fact it performs well in all temperatures. Bamboo Clothing Benefits - Natural Fibre Clothing Natural fibre clothing no longer means itchy materials and unflattering fits and colours. Anything bigger than XL is treated as an afterthought in the fashion industry. Not only does this make bamboo fabric durable but it is also breathable and lightweight. Supremely smart. As with most organic clothes, bamboo tends to be more expensive than synthetic materials, but it offers plenty of positives and advantages that you won’t necessarily find in regular clothes. But until now, nobody has come up with a line of bamboo clothing just for big guys like us, and that sucks. Your email address will not be published. Why Bamboo? However, consumers should read the product literature or ask the supplier about the source of fiber used for their clothing. Benefits of bamboo clothing . How to find and care for this soft and exquisite fabric made from one of the world's most sustainable resources. Bamboo clothing is an excellent organic choice and it has many benefits and advantages over cotton. Natural fabrics such as wool and linen may look lovely but if you have eczema (or itch-prone skin) you'll find these fabrics can make your skin itch like f**ing crazy. You’ve probably also wondered just why bamboo is so good for clothing and whether or not it is a material worth buying given the expense. Here are 8 of the key benefits of bamboo and why people turn to bamboo for clothing more and more 1. If you are looking for a green option, bamboo is by far the best. Bamboo is an extremely resilient and durable fibre. This makes bamboo clothing the perfect option for keeping your children safe from the sun. Mechanical methods which crush the bamboo into pulp are the least harmful but the most expensive. Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent, kun, that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it, which means it helps keep you odor free. Viscose from Bamboo is Super Soft on Sensitive Skin. Bamboo is well known to be an organic material because it is grown without the use of pesticides or any other type of chemicals. Bamboo has an incredible number of uses – just take a look at our product pages where you will find bamboo clothing, bamboo sheets and doona covers, bamboo towels and much, much more. From wicking moisture from the body, resisting bacteria and odours. In general, bamboo fiber clothing can be machine washed in cool water with mild soap on the gentle cycle. It is made with 95% viscose and 5% spandex. Those who wear bamboo clothing liken the feeling similar to that of silk or cashmere. Extended Freshness Fabrics made using bamboo offer excellent ventilation thanks to the microscopic holes in bamboo fibres. The fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin. Required fields are marked *. This makes them extremely cozy and soft. Best bamboo, long-lasting beautiful clothes My absolute favourite company for clothes. Amazingly bamboo fabric helps to cuts out close to 98% of harmful UV rays. The type of bamboo used to produce fabric is Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens), a type of tropical grass which is not the same kind the pandas eat. 10. Bamboo has a unique antibacterial quality due to an antimicrobial bio-agent called “bamboo kun” which is found naturally in the bamboo itself. As with most organic clothes, bamboo tends to be more expensive than synthetic materials, but it offers plenty of positives and advantages that you won’t necessarily find in regular clothes. Bamboo is both strong and soft. Bamboo plantations require very little maintenance. Eco-certification programs can help to insure that the manufacturing and finishing processes are healthy. Bamboo clothing is insanely soft, this is because the structure of the bamboo is round in nature which makes it less stiff against your skin. Unlike synthetic fibers which incorporate petroleum additives, bamboo clothing is safe for municipal disposal programs, whether by landfill or incineration. Moisture-wicking clothing is perfect for people always on the go – like busy mums and dads and regular gym goers – as the fabric draws sweat off the body to the outer side of the garment. (Bamboo clothing dries faster than most other fabrics.) The porous qualities of bamboo fiber account for it’s breathability; clothing made of bamboo resists clinging during hot weather or exercise. Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. A common method called ‘hydrolysis alkalization with multi-phase bleaching’ is not considered sustainable or environmentally supportable. Benefits of Organic Bamboo Clothing Published on November 27 December 27 by ecogreenlover By now, you’ve heard of cotton, organic and regular, hemp, linen, silk, wool, and cashmere, all natural fabrics that are exceptionally popular in the fashion industry, especially in the recent years. Here are seven of the most widely recognized benefits of bamboo viscose clothing. In addition to being environmentally friendly there are a number of other reasons why we love bamboo fabric! Eco-Friendly Choice. To thermo-regulating the temperature through its unique breathability. The Benefits Of Bamboo Clothing. Bamboo is often blended with 30% cotton to add structure to garments. Discover the Natural Benefits of Bamboo Clothing. As our bamboo clothing is only made from the highest quality bamboo fabrics, we can guarantee that they will help you look the part whether in the office at an important meeting, in the park, or even relaxing in bed. Bamboo products are protective and Hygienic – Unlike other anti-microbial fabrics, organic Bamboo fiber clothing is of course anti-microbial. We all know the look that older shirts and clothes in general start to have after wearing and washing them over time. Moso bamboo is grown on family-owned farms that cover over seven million acres in China, so no tropical forests are damaged to produce organic bamboo fabric. Their materials last and last, are very comfortable and come in great cuts and colours. Bamboo is also used for sheets and pillowcases, because it’s smooth fiber lends a satin feel; bamboo sheets also feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Bamboo fiber is made by pulping the grass until it separates into thin threads of fiber, which can be spun for weaving into cloth. Anti-odour: Bamboo clothing naturally has anti-bacterial properties to fight odour Enjoy attractive, vibrant colours that will last well as one of the major benefits of this superior material. Because bamboo clothing is naturally wrinkle-resistant, ironing is not always required. Benefits of Bamboo fFabric. Bamboo Fabric. Extra soft and durable sheets, pillowcases and doona covers – far softer than any high thread count cotton sheets. These pants print footie with zipper is perfect for young ones with comfort and peace in mind. Bamboo fabric is not just limited to clothing. Fat dudes like us are usually relegated to the extended sizes section, if our size is offered at all, and we have to pick from the h… The benefits of bamboo clothing can not only help you keep unpleasant body smells at bay, but also allow your body to be ventilated throughout your busy day. Bamboo also requires very little water and can survive drought conditions as well as flooding. Although shrinkage is minimal with fabrics made of bamboo, it’s best if garments can hang to dry. They’re so comfortable, in fact, that bamboo bedding, bamboo T-shirts, bamboo underwear, and even bamboo baby clothing are not only widely available but just as widely used. The chemical processes which cause environmental concern center around the use of solvents which ‘cook’ the bamboo leaves and stems into a solution from which the fibers are drawn. Our organic bamboo grows in the wild without chemicals and is naturally smooth. Bamboo baby clothing can swaddle your precious bundle in soft, cozy, & sustainable luxury. Here are some of the benefits of bamboo throughout your home: Bamboo in Clothing. Here are five benefits you’ll receive when you add bamboo clothes to your wardrobe: Comfort Bamboo fabrics are among the softest and most comfortable fabrics you can buy. Babies don’t have the ability to regulating their body temperature when they are first born so opting for bamboo clothing acts as a natural thermal regulation. It can be selectively harvested annually and is capable of complete regeneration without need to replant. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, making it a high yield renewable resource. If you've ever had severe eczema or … 3 Tips: How Can I Clean My Belly Button When Pregnant? Let’s face it, bamboo clothing is pretty incredible. This fabric's biggest claim to fame is its unbelievable silky softness. This allows bamboo cloth to absorb and evaporate human sweat rapidly. Features of Bamboo Fiber Clothing and Textiles.
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