The Lumbini festival is celebrated in the region of Hyderabad (now the capital of Telangana) and Nagarjunasagar. Historical places & temples. The festival is the pride of Telangana’s cultural identity. List of TS official holidays, dates of important festivals & long weekends. Batukamma celebrates the inherent relationship between earth, water and the human beings. The occasion, Sammakka Saralamma Jatara – a tribal festival honouring the goddesses in Telangana. Telangana festivals are best-celebrated festivals in entire India. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Haryana is a state of great multi cultural diversity. All the festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in a colourful atmosphere. 2021. Home. The celebrations continue in Balkampet Yellama temple and Ujjaini Mahakali temple in Secunderabad. Reply; Rajeshwarrao. While hearing a petition against the ban on firecrackers by the Telangana Government, the top court amended the Telangana High Court's orders, ruling that there would be a 'total ban' against the sale and use of all kinds of firecrackers in line with NGT's order of November 9 which applies to all States including that of Telangana. The history of Telangana, located in the grand region, includes its governance by many rulers.It was ruled by the Satavahana Dynasty (230 BCE to 220 CE), the Kakatiya Dynasty (1083–1323), the Musunuri Nayaks (1326–1356) the Delhi Sultanate, the Bahmani Sultanate (1347–1512), Golconda Sultanate (1512–1687) and Asaf Jahi dynasty (1724-1950). Bathukamma is floral festival celebrated predominantly by the women of Telangana and some parts of Andhra Prades. To preserve and enhance the culture of the Deccan Area, the Deccan festival is celebrated in the historic Hyderabad city. Festivals of Telangana The second largest gathering of devotees in the world takes place in a village called Medaram in Telangana every two years. General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2021 Telangana. Festivals of Telangana In Telangana, one can clearly witness the composite, pluralistic and inclusive culture and traditions. CM KCR visited Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jathara on 02nd February 2018 (1).jpg 5,441 × 2,075; 1.03 MB. Telangana Festivals List 2015 All Telangana state peoples celebrate festivals very religiously.Some of them are religious festivals and some of them are arranged by the Telangana Government. August 10, 2015 at 2:13 pm. Try these curated collections. He said it was because of the police’s efforts that there were no communal incidents in Hyderabad since formation of Telangana State. Home Minister said the police were according top priority to the safety and security of the women. There are two main festivals in Telangana which make the state unique : Bathukamma and Bonalu Bathukamma : It is celebrated by women of Telangana to worship Goddess Gowri. This year I witnessed this festival at Tank Bund in Hyderabad. Telangana Government Online Services. Subscribe to Free E-Magazine on Art & Culture. It also celebrates at many parts of Andhra. Are you Interested to WRITE FOR US. It is inhabited by different communities having their own distinct heritage. Bathukamma comes during the … This article features some of the major festivals that Haryana hosts every year. Here’s a list of widely celebrated annual celebrations in Telangana. The art forms of the Telugu people manifest all-year round in the form of dance, drama, music and other performing arts including folk arts. Festivals of Telangana are the reflection of the culture of the state and the art form of South India. General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2021 Telangana. These festivals are of great significance with special attention by the government. This list may not reflect recent changes (). He said that the State Government was respecting all the religions by celebrating all festivals. Women carry the pot all the to the temple on their head.Bonalu is celebrated in various parts of the city. All festivals have something unique to them and bring joy and festivities to the state.
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