The Kunitha has many forms like Dollu Kunitha, Puja Kunitha, Thatte Kunitha, Yellammana Kunitha, Suggi Kunitha, Pata Kunitha, the Gorava Kunitha and the Kamsale. with Zari work to give them the richness of South-Indian culture. Zari gives a These Kerala: The traditional clothing of women in Kerala is the ‘Kerala Saree’ or the Mundum Neriyathum. The men of the state wear Lungi paired with Angavastram. Sarees have been the traditional dress for women in Karnataka. Sikkim has a lot to While the traditional To enhance the look, an extra piece of cloth also accompanies the Panche, which is fashionably draped across the body and fastens the loose end corners of the cloth onto the shoulder. India is a land of diversity but also an embodiment of unity in just the most inclusive of ways. Customs of Karnataka Like most other Indian states, Karnataka too observes Hindu traditions and customs. Here’s everything youneed to know about the traditional dress of Karnataka for men and women. So, these were the The Bengali men wear dhoti or panjabi and kurta as their traditional dress. wear silk sarees weaved by the artisans with precision and finesse. The colors that are Also, which of the sarees did you like the most? cream, red and white colors. An 'angavastram', a silk or cotton muffler is placed on the neck covering the shoulder. Women's Traditional Dresses and Costumes of states. Traditional Bangalore silk sarees are made in bright colors such as red, orange, blue, yellow, green, and maroon. Young women in some parts of Karnataka traditionally wear the Langa davani after puberty. traditional outfits. The chilly climate of the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh necessitates woolen clothes to be their choice of attire. of the most popular styles of Karnataka culture dress worn by women. 9.Kerala The younger women generally wear a two piece traditional sari called the Langa Voni. The traditional dress for Naga women is the Angami, that which comprises a sleeveless top vatchi worn over the petticoat neikhro and a white skirt pfemhou. adorned with prints, stripes or floral work. The men of the state wear Lungi paired with Angavastram. wide range of styles, designs and color combinations available in Kanchipuram They are embellished Khasi females dress up in the Jainsen or Dhara, an unstitched garment that goes around the body lending it a cylindrical shape. district wear saree in a different way. also have big and bold borders, especially on the pallu. The upper male body is covered in a shirt ‘kamchwlwi borok’ along with a gamucha known as Kubai. Like its neighbour Punjab, the state of Haryana also features traditional dresses that are a riot of colors. While the women wear lengthy, stone studded nine yard sarees called Nav Vari, the men keep it casual with half pants and beach shirts, along with hats. Gujarat is another Indian state that embraces colors in its culture, as also in its traditional attires. only popular in Karnataka but also well-known throughout India. Bihar’s ethnic attire has dhoti and kurta or mirjai as the traditional wear for men and Tussar silk sarees worn in Seedha Aanchal style as the traditional dress for women. The angle length mundus are generally accompanied by a cloth draped over the shoulders to denote a higher social standing. Karnataka dressing styles are changing along with … cover the upper portion of the body. The traditional dress its rich culture, delicious delicacies, dance forms, art, music, and Mysore silk sarees are embellished with zari, the modern ones are being adorned The mundu however is also a garment for the male folks in Kerala and can be interpreted as the state’s version of a Lungi. Saree Draping Styles South India Karnataka Indian Sarees Traditional Dresses Sari Colours Costumes Middle East Watch the Kambala festival, enjoy Carnatic music, and gorge on Mangalorean fish curry! that goes up to the knees. Kurta is a long shirt These sarees are not The beachy state of Goa isn’t much different from the other Indian states as far as their traditional dress is concerned. However, the Muslim men generally wear pajamas along with their kurtas. #29 Karnataka Much like the southern state of Kerala, Karnataka too has silk sarees as the conventional traditional wear for … Sep 26, 2016 - The traditional dress of Karnataka for women is the silk sari. Women generally wear salwar or churidar along with their pheran dress, that is adorned by intricate Zari embroidery and traditional jewelry. When However, the style of draping the saree varies, along with variations in regions across the state. A special type of ghagra choli is the traditional dress for women, that which includes a long ankle length skirt called the daaman, a kurti and a chunder as odhni. Rajasthan is yet another Indian state that is resplendent in colors with a rustic vibe running through their attires in essence. Like the attires of the other north eastern states of India, Mizoram‘s traditional dresses too are gorgeous and distinct in their pattern and design. Traditional styles of dress include colourful draped garments – such as sari for women and dhoti or lungi for men – and tailored clothes such as salwar kameez for women and kurta-pyjama for men. The men stick to wearing dhoti and kurta or shirt with a specific type of jacket called the Bandi or Mirzai and an equally unique headgear, a turban called the Safa. Gujarati men wear dhotis or churidar pajamas and kurtas or bandis, traditionally called Chorno and Kediyu that are paired with rich colored headgear as the turbans. Here are each of the 29 states of India and their dresses names which are simply stunning-. Read more about it! Culturally vibrant and traditionally resplendent in all it glory, Maharashtra’s clothing culture is iconic and known all across the country. All visitors are asked to remove footwear when entering places of religious worship. Bhotu and Dhoti are unisex traditional attires of the state. Buddha”, Bihar is the state of art and religion. However, the different drapes of sarees make these sarees unique. The traditional costume of the kannadigas, the women folk is the saree. Traditional Dresses of Karnataka. Following are some of the different cuisines from Karnataka : While the average Indian man greets each other with handshakes, the womenfolk prefer not to shake hands. Sikkim has a traditional attire that is fashionable and visually similar to both males and females. Karnataka culture and tradition is famed for its diverse religions, customs, and cuisine. Patiala salwars and churidaars are very common dress styles of the state, that which now are staple ensembles pan India. 13. Women dress up their upper body in Risa which covers the chest and Rikutu which covers the entire torso. dress is not only worn by the brides in Karnataka but also by the brides in