Design Methods ! lections of logic gates referred to as components, rather than us-ing individual logic gates. SSI: Small scale integration. Medium Scale Integration. Small-scale integration (SSI) The first integrated circuits contained only a few transistors. Early digital circuits containing tens of transistors provided a few logic gates, and early linear ICs such as the Plessey SL201 or the Philips TAA320 had as few as two transistors. Type of IC chips (based on packing density) : " Small-scale integration (SSI): up to 12 gates " Medium-scale integration (MSI): 12-99 gates " Large-scale integration (LSI): 100-9999 gates " Very large-scale integration (VLSI): 10,000-99,999 gates " Ultra large-scale integration (ULSI): > 100,000 gates Main objectives of circuit design: LSI: Large scale integration. Logic families discussed so far are the ones that are commonly used for implementing discrete logic functions such as logic gates, flip flops, counters, multiplexers, demultiplexers etc., in relatively less complex digital ICs belonging to the small-scale integration (SSI) and medium-scale integration (MSI) level of inner circuit complexities.. Large Scale Integration. • Levels of integration (numbers of gates) in an integrated circuit (IC) can roughly be considered as: • Small scale integration (SSI): 10-100 gates. • Medium scale integration (MSI): 100 to 1000 gates. Types of ICs (Integrated Circuits) VLSI: Very large scale integration. Medium-scale integration is the process of embedding hundreds of transistors in one integrated circuit or microchip. Nowadays, a single small-scale integrated circuit chip contains about 3 to 30 gates. Macdonald J(1), Li Y, Sutovic M, Lederman H, Pendri K, Lu W, Andrews BL, Stefanovic D, Stojanovic MN. Answer: c Explanation: Small scale integration has one or more logic gate. 3 – 30 gates per chip. A Medium Scale Integrated Circuit contains about 30 to 300 gates per chip. Computer Architecture I: Digital Design Dr. Robert D. Kent Logic Number of Gates : Small-scale integration (SSI) Fewer than 12 : Medium-scale integration (MSI) 12 to 99 : Large-scale integration (LSI) 100 to 9999 : Very large-scale integration (VLSI) 10,000 to 99,999: Ultra large-scale integration (ULSI) 100,000 or more Medium scale integration of molecular logic gates in an automaton View Lecture 7 -Medium Scale Integration and Programmable Logic Devices, Part II .pptx from COMP 2650 at University of Windsor. Further improved technology is medium scale integration which consists of hundred logic gates. More than 3,000 gates per chip. Medium scale integration has _____ a) ten logic gates b) fifty logic gates c) hundred logic gates d) thousands logic gates View Answer. Medium scale integration of molecular logic gates in an automaton. The TTL, the CMOS and the ECL logic families … The next in line to the IC family were the medium scale integrated circuits which contained hundreds of transistors. 300 – 3,000 gates per chip. MSI: Medium scale integration. 30 – 300 gates per chip.