Picea abies (Norway spruce): Traditional Christmas tree with a good scent, but quick to drop its needles.. Abies nordmanniana (Nordmann fir): Dark green needles that are very slow to drop, but more expensive than Norway spruce.. Picea pungens Glauca group (Blue spruce): Blue needles, more prickly than other trees, holds its needles better than the Norway spruce. I've read that this tree gets to 25-40' spread "when mature", I just have no idea if I will hit that spread in 10, 20 or 50 years? If I wanted to have perfect spacing for a row of "specimen" 60 year-old Norway spruce, I would recommend wider spacing, maybe somewhere between 20 and 30 feet (there is no "absolute" perfect spacing). But that would most likely lead to some irregular spacing. The roots of a Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree are typically 10-15 feet in all directions from the trunk. When/if these get to crowded, I plan to just remove every other one. The number of the tree’s synonym crosses 150. If you planted them 15' on center, that'll allow each one to get 30' wide before touching. Dwarf varieties of this tree are truly small in comparison, only 4 ft. high and wide. If you do the sides will be void of foliage. The tree line runs east to west, so I'm guessing the needles should look ok on the north and south sides and thereby provide me a screen? That's just one ONE B&B tree. Norway Spruce Z 3 to 7 H 40-60' Picea abies. This tree should be given plenty of room and is ideal for spaces needing a fast growing screen. Makes a pretty evergreen background for contrasting foliage colors, flowering shrubs or to highlight a fall leaf show in trees and shrubs. It seems you are saying that I will not lose the lower part of my wall in 10-20 years? I'd also not be overly concerned with windthrow. Average knot sizes appeared to increase with the increase in spacing, according to the Harvard study. But that could cost a pretty penny when they get 40' tall. The study shows that smaller spacing allowed for denser growth and more productivity of wood stems. If you planted that many, I think it would be near impossible to dig all of them out without a lot of help or a machine. Norway spruce retain their lower branches very well, unless in fairly dense shade. In 40 years they should be 24'x12' give or take some which is well within my 30' limit diameter limit. They look for the largest, most beautiful tree they can find. The study also revealed that using smaller stands, such as a 5-by-5 foot square, was only productive using good soil in moist climates; the poorer ground required larger spaced stands. Sometimes soaring to heights of over 50 feet, evergreen trees need plenty of space. Hi All:I did a lot of reading on this forum last summer concerning Norway spruce spacing. Use of the Norway spruce determines recommended planting distances. But given your situation and goals there for a screen, 15 feet will do just fine. Vaxbo has good colouring and texture for their work cloths, and a new teapot, matching mugs on that rack and a visually substantial cutting board will give great polish to your work area. The cones have a reddish hue before maturing to a deep brown. These trees are used for various applications, ranging from protective cover to landscaping or Christmas trees. An ideal windbreak consists of five rows of trees with smaller plants surrounding the rows. I have learned an awful lot about evergreens in the past 5 years from your posts. I'm not spruceman, but I've probably planted more NS than anyone else on this forum. I live in Western NY, zone 5, and I live on a flag lot with an 800' foot long driveway. They are 5' B&B trees. 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It's best to plant the tree as soon as you bring it home from the nursery, but it's important to avoid planting the tree during extremely dry weather and to give it at least six weeks to develop before the first frost of the season.. Of course, if some grow faster, and look better than others, the weaker, less beautiful ones can be thinned out later, and that can give more room to the nicer, stronger ones. Try to choose cloudy weather for planting, and it will also be useful if it rained the day before. Dream there, and then find a knockoff! As a trimmed hedge, i would plant 4 to 5 plants on a metre or 6 plants on 4 foot.If you want them to let grow untrimmed, i would make it like in the german forestry. Plant the windbreaks using a "U" or "L" formation, with a distance of 50 feet beyond the corners of the protected area. Avoid planting in the shade of mature trees which will cause them to lean. These trees get full sun and they are free of any weeds and grasses. How much room is there btwn bar stools & where living area begins? Enjoy! Do one a year and use it for a Christmas tree. Older plantations varied in range from 5-by-5 feet up to 15-by-15 feet square. They are not a grafted cultivar. This will allow everything I have to grow 30' diameter without touching. Brian offers his tips on planting bare root Norway spruce for road screening, windbreak, and general wildlife habitat improvement Norway Spruce is a graceful pyramidal evergreen. Snow drifts can form piles behind windbreaks a distance equal to three times the tree height in the windbreak. Mature trees can have a trunk diameter of one to four feet. So you planted around 50 B&B trees? I actually like your idea of moving every other..I do have another spot where I had planned to add more norways of the same size this spring, so this would save me some money. Beautious things to behold too! Norway Spruce have beautiful spreading branches with drooping twigs. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Design Ideas Very cold-hardy, this Spruce is the perfect symmetrically shaped Christmas tree. Norway Spruce grows rapidly when young, up to 3 feet per year! Based on a 1936 report from Harvard, the recommended planting distance of Norway spruce has not changed significantly. The Norway Spruce is a fast growing (2-3’ per year) evergreen that has dark green needles that are 1 inch long, and can grow up to 5 ft a year in a good weather year. Norway spruce is an evergreen tree species. The study also revealed that using smaller stands, such as a 5-by-5 foot square, was only productive using good soil in moist climates; the poorer ground required larger spaced stands. 30 feet or more should be a safe distance from the drainfield or soakbed or leach field. When using Norway Spruce for privacy screening, you can plant them straight in a row or stagger them. In this video I show you Norway Spruce and give you a very thorough guide on growing Norway Spruce. Maybe he will chime in for some additional advice. Cultivar Selection. Every second house is surrounded By them. I consider them to be top-notch large-growing conifers, better than any of the spruce species native to the eastern US in my opinion. Your smaller accessories can then pick up a shade or two from the more permanent choices. Thanks for the advice you put on these boards. I planted my green giants to close (I planted these before I knew how to determine the size.) Excellent choice for a front-yard holiday tree or as a semi-formal accent in large yards. You will not want to remove any of them when they grow together. You didn't say but I assume they are species and not a grafted cultivar of some kind. The point here is, in a situation where these trees are happy-and it doesn't take amazingly good conditions to make them happy-they really do put on the growth. Is particularly happy in soils with a moderate or high acid content, and prefers a high moisture level. Plant these 3 to 4 ft. apart and away from buildings or sidewalks. However, its large mature size must be considered when siting this plant. If they grow 2' a year you'll have only 15 years. Find one of two planting distances for Norway spruce in tree farm operations. Yes Tom is not me, but he knows his Norway spruce. At 15 feet apart, each tree can develop a 15-foot (7.5 on each side) spread before the branches even touch. OR, do I simply leave them alone, and when the time comes that they grow too close together, do I remove every other tree? Especially when the trees have grown tight together and fast upwards, they tend to brake or fall in stronger storms (over 150 km/h) like matches when they grow on shallow grounds or for example in thick loam/ clay soils. Norway Spruce is a classically festive plant that works as a great screening tree. Because of its size, the Norway spruce has been considered one of the more useful trees through history. In other words, the branches might get a little naked on the inside toward the trunk, but I should have decent needle coverage on the outside? I am a young guy (35) and I am a patient guy, so I'm happy to wait 5-10 years for them to grow/fill out. I'm after a "green screen" here for the future more than anything else and will invest more time in moving the trees to get it right if need be. Nurseries advice to plant 12ôapart so that they can sell more. As they grow rather large, they will tend to grow together and the trees will not be so broad as they would be if given more space, but I see no problem. You are overthinking it. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, University of Missouri Extension: Planting Tree Windbreaks in Missouri, Harvard University: Study of Existing Norway Spruce Plantations, University of Vermont Extension: Planting a Windbreak, University of Idaho Extension: Christmas Tree Marketing. I prefer the latter so that the planting has a more natural look. I might put the couch w/back to stools to sort of make a seperation of spaces, if there is enough space to walk, then you would have more room for loveseat & chair but those big tall wonderful windows may prove to be a problem,??? And we'll also be planting additional NS trees ourselves along our mutual property line. It's all good. Will make an excellent evergreen hedge if well clipped. Out of their orange-brown stems they produce long needle-like leaves which boast exceptionally dark green colouring. The following are just to help exemplify how that happens- you will want to choose colours that look well with your exposed view of the next room: I've chosen a hexagon tile for you,for its suggestion of texture and movement ( the Coltrane is also nice, though I think you can enjoy more of a statement here, as the back wall is a destination point). Norway spruce grow to 60 feet high with an average width being half the height of the individual tree. 115 year old Norway Spruce destroyed Aug 10. They're not going to have trouble with each other. When planting Norway Spruce do not deepen the trunk. Plant the windbreaks from between 60 to 100 feet from structures and feed lots, with the most effective distance being up to six times the tree's height. One little warning to Norway Spruce:It tends to form very shallow root plates, what is a serial problem in the local forestry over here. If you cannot plant an older spruce in early spring consider planting it in the late summer or early fall. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! I hope you all enjoyed and found this useful. Figure 2. Here it is: When the tree matures & gets old & you, or your successor, need to cut it down, will it hit your house when it falls? Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a tough conifer that makes for an easy-care landscape tree in US Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 7.It is also planted extensively for forest restoration and windbreaks. I would guess I've planted at least 2500 of them on my land by now, mostly at ten feet spacing-this is forestry, not landscaping-but more recent plantings were even tighter. Figure 3. Even if they do, it'll just be the bottom few feet. Add a round glass coffee table, pillows, a colorful area rug and an arc lamp in the corner behind the sofa. If there is no rain, water the plant two or three days before planting so that it is stored in water, this is especially important in the first weeks. Lovely form under snowfall. I am going for a privacy screen here, not wind screen, so ideally I'd like to hang onto as much lower growth thinking long term. Search this site for examples using "arc lamp." Like spruceman said, this species of tree holds its lower limbs very well. We've talked them into planting a Norway Spruce screen in front of their actual building. Also when a tree is set back, in front of it is a nice place to insert a beautiful ornamental tree. Think you have done a great job so far. Anything is possible and we never know what the weather is going to do, but everywhere I look here in windy Wisconsin are big, old NS, which not only haven't been torn out of the ground by the wind, they appear to have never sufferered any appreciable weather-related damage whatsoever!