The women of Tripura, more … It is the part of the dress which covers the upper half of women. During the festival seasons and the dance performance movement, they wore extra clothing and beautiful jewelry. Discover (and save!) Handloom weaving is an important craft in Tripura. It also exhibits a distinct contrast in style and feature from other regional costumes or dresses. Being bordered with Bangladesh from three sides, it isn’t a smart guess that the plate of Tripura food is highly inspired by the food culture of Bangladesh. The modern women of Tripura have taken up the responsibility to recreate the designs of Risa through their own skills and collective knowledge and further enhance the priceless heritage of cultural Tripura. In wearing the clothing also seems very simple and shows dignity. Jun 1, 2018 - Explore Northeastyle's board "Tripura: Traditional Attire", followed by 341 people on Pinterest. Consequently, the Risa manufacturers and weavers are awarded recognition and appreciation on large public forums and practises as well. Tripura is the most popular place in India for Cane and Bamboo crafts, because of their beauty and attractive designs. Regarding daily and usual occasions, the Risa is chiefly used to provide safety to the body of women. The making of Risa requires a considerable amount of estimation and care as its applications and uses vary across individuals and occasions as well. Please get your facts checked. It also exhibits a distinct contrast in style and feature from other regional costumes or dresses. Tripura … The international market exhibits a huge demand for Risa. Risa, Rignai and Rikutu being the traditional costumes of Tripura, features beautiful artistry of fabrics. This may however lead to reduction in the profits of the original weavers and handloom owners. Newborn babies can also be carried in specially designed structures whose prime supporting component is a modified Risa. Rignai is the lower half of the dress. Kubai is one type of shirt. The women of the tribes of Tripura like those of Khakloo, the Halam, the Lushei and the Kuki-Chin tribes are excellent weavers which also reflect in the clothing that they wear. The state is majorly populated with the non-tribal Bengalis of north-east India. Traditional dress of Tripura (Source: wikimedia). This dress is worn by the ladies, rignai for the base, and risha for the top (to cover … Rinai is a traditional cloth of Khakloo tribe women. At the time of working outside, women wear headdresses to protect from weather. Earlier the thread used to design the Risa was woven at home from cotton balls. The pattern is completely different. The Tripura females wear the coin strands and plethora of beads for their beauty to enrich more. Nowadays, Risas are stitched and made along with the external upper garment. As specialties, it is also coupled with a dhoti to provide firmness to the waist of the person. Here the people also influencing to the western culture, especially the younger generation are interesting to wear Jeans, Trousers, Shirts and T-shirts and variety of modern lifestyle costumes. To meet the growing demands, the cotton threads are bought from the suppliers and the Risa weaving consequently takes lesser time. During dance … RIGNAI AND RISA: THE TRADITIONAL ATTIRE OF TRIPURA Tripura is a vast land featuring the rich cultural heritage of North East India. Fabrics, weaving techniques, embellishments, wearing styles, and accessories of numerous kinds mushroom … This is an inappropriate information regarding Tripuri Tribe. Tripura News: TOI brings the latest Tripura news headlines about Tripura crime, Tripura politics and Live Updates on Tripura from Times of India They are very talented to weave the dresses for kids, youngsters and elders. Men wear Rikutu Gamcha with Kubai. Learn how your comment data is processed. The North-Eastern states influence a lot on the tradition and culture of Tripura. But in the modern age very few people are wearing these dress except in the rural Tripura and working class. Tripura region contains various group of Tribes; the main tribes are Lushei, Khakloo, Kuki-Chin, and Hallam. Other handloom … Rignai and Risa has undergone numerous improvisations throughout its evolution. Tripura: Tripura has several diverse ethno-linguistic groups, which has given rise to a composite culture. In the modern era, Jeans, T-shirts, shirts, skirts and tops have also made their way into the dressing culture of Tamil … Risa is a component of the female dressing culture in Tripura. It is innovatively structured to be draped as a scarf around the neck to protect from the cold. The varying designs of Tripuri clothing provide the scope for using it for different purposes and celebrations, with different dressing codes and presentations. However, the Risa has also been modified to be used in tying a turban by the men, mainly during festivities and other social celebrations. Risa is supposed to be a traditional attire worn by women belonging to a particular clan. Most of the people in the state nearly live on fish, rice and vegetables. Non-tribal people spend a good time of their da… India’s diverse and limitless ethnic clothing repertoire is full of sartorial to handloom beauties. During the festival seasons and the dance performance movement, they wore extra clothing and beautiful jewelry. Although with time, due to the intermingling of people across clans the designs have seen a fusion of patterns. 26. It also signifies the communal respectability of the individual. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yet people of the State of Tripura have already drifted away from the traditional costumes, people residing in the rural areas of the State do wear such attire. Velu Nachiyar – The First Freedom Fighter in India, Virupaksha Temple – History and Architecture, Rani Mangammal – The Courageous Queen of Tamilnadu, Bhavabhuti – The Great Dramatist in Sanskrit, Delhi Traditional Costumes, Unity in Diversity. The state is inhabited largely by 19 tribes, Bengali, … 27. This upper-attire passes under the arms… Girl Wearing Risa (Source: is a traditional land which features a vast collection of inherited specialties of North East India, within which Tripura resides as a rich heritage of culture and artwork. Being a large portion of the export articles of the culturally rich Tripura, and owing to its immense appreciation both locally and internationally, Risa contributes a lot to the profit procurement of Tripuri business. However, in the future, with progress and improvisation, and also to save time in order, the Risa may be manufactured industrially to be inserted between the layers of clothing of the upper garment. Girl Wearing Rigwnai and Risa (Source: wikimedia). The main and most prominent characteristic of the woven Risa is their designing bears straight patterns of fabrics in both horizontal and vertical modes of view. CONCLUSION The difference of culture of the State of Tripura … She dons herself in a shorter piece of cloth called Risa. The dresses are a very comfort to do the work in hilly weather. In spite of various modern techniques that have been used to revamp and restyle the Risa, it still retains its prime feature of providing support and protection to the women. But the outfits are totally different and designs and patterns also quite different from other states of India. Male counterpart used to wear 'rikutu' for the loin and 'kamchwlwi borok' for the upper part of the body. Costumes of Tripura. Generally, Tripura is a hilly area surrounded by natural beauties. This long as well as broad cloth is draped around the waist and reaches the knee. The costume designs also very simple and most of the tribe people wear the same pattern dresses. Tripura … Tripura – one of the remotest states in India’s North-East is a mystical land of stupendous dimensions. Feb 20, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by caricature india. Khakloo is a large piece of cloth; women cover themselves with this cloth. Here the people follow the similar tradition and wearing clothing styles of other north-eastern states. The Risa is a beautiful and a highly decorative garment which besides being a component of dressing, is also an object of gift which is much respected among the Tripuri individuals. Clothing in this region has always been an important part of the handicraft culture. The photographs of Bharat Mata in the tribe specific traditional attire would be displayed in party programmes in the tribal areas as a mark of symbolic integrity and oneness, said Sunil Deodhar, the BJP's central observer for Tripura… Tripura, a panoramic tiny north-eastern state of India is a land-locked state and has both national and international boundaries. This striped layout is supplemented with scattering and varying patterns of embroidery contrasted with thoughtful usage of colours. Weaving and the vast usage of handlooms had always been a matter of celebration and pride for the people of Tripura since its inception, and the women of Tripura had been investing themselves in initiating handmade crafts, textiles and garment designing to enhance them and also to bring about their own financial independence. During the rainy season and in winter people are very aware of wearing the clothes and used Loincloth dresses during these seasons. See more ideas about Tripura, Attire, Traditional. During the era of the famous king of Tripura- Subrai Raja, the women in his kingdom had developed innumerable designs for the Risa, but with the degradation of the empire and the progress of time, numerous designs were lost. They wear the petticoat with a blue cotton fabric. It is like a draped skirt and has a significant cultural importance. Tripura: Hindu outfit demands ‘UP-style love jihad’ law, blocks national highway Hindu Jagaran Manch president Uttam Dey claimed that the police and administration have failed to curb the … Moreover, in order to signify the guests of honor who are attending a gathering or social and communal festival or ritual, the Risa gets gifted to the guest as a token of gratitude and honor. The cloth dropped till the knees and cover across the waist. It is bordered to the north, west, and south by Bangladesh, to the east by the state of Mizoram, and to the northeast by the … Here the weavers very experienced and very experts to create stunning designs on the clothes. The wearing of the Risa involves draping the chest around the back twice in order to provide protection and support to the chest. During the summer to protect from the excessive heat Tripura Men wear turban or Pagri over their head. In the winter season due to the cold weather men wore the additional clothing … Meat remains an important part of their diet with the dishes of mutton, pork, and chicken. The attire of the state says a lot more about the people in particular and the state in general. Featured in the video the traditional attire or dress of various tribal settlements of Tripura state, India. The Tripura females wear the coin strands and plethora of beads for their beauty to enrich more. Native women here wear a scrap which sis known as Pachra. The women of Tripura adorn themselves with plethora of beads and coin strands in their necks. Traditional costume for men in Tripura is a towel, which is known as Rikutu Gamcha. The Tripura females wear the coin strands and plethora of beads for their beauty to enrich more. It is a culture in Tripura to where the Risa is worn by the bride during her wedding ceremony. Risa, Rignai and Rikutu being the traditional costumes of Tripura, features beautiful artistry of fabrics. Tripura Traditional Costumes are very simple. A woman’s clan could be identified with the Rignai she was wearing. Risa is a short size of cloth and designed it with gorgeous embroideries. resembling a towel known as Rikutu Gamcha worn with a shirt known as Kubai The use of embroidery and colors enhance the designs named Kwchak Pali Kosompali, Takhumtwi, Khamjang and several other variations of the Risa design in order to bring beauty and versatility to the overall apparel. The male have adopted the modern dress of international style gaffa. The traditional dresses of Tamil Nadu are famous in the world, for their grace and beauty. They wear a long piece of cloth which is in simple design or plain. Categories:   Attires, Clothing Styles & Drapes, Tags:  Clothing, ethnic, Fashion, India, style, Tripura, © 2020 Utsavpedia   All rights reserved | AN INITIATIVE BY UTSAV FASHION,,, Uttar Pradesh: The people of Uttar Pradesh wear a variety of native- and … The Khakloo, and at large the Tripuri women, envelop themselves in a greater size of cloth-piece, known as Rinai. Tripura (/ ˈ t r ɪ p ʊr ə,-ər ə /) is a state in northeastern India.The third-smallest state in the country, it covers 10,491 km 2 (4,051 sq mi) and is bordered by Bangladesh to the north, south, and west, and the … your own Pins on Pinterest They wear the petticoat with a blue cotton fabric. The three women above are wearing chakma traditional attire. Tripura people celebrate their traditional festivals by following their traditions strictly. Every clan in Tripura has their version of Rignai in terms of designs and patterns. Tripura, state of India that is located in the northeastern part of the subcontinent. These tribes weave their traditional outfits. Totally inappropriate to describe our traditional attire with terms like – towel, gamchha etc. They lead a simple lifestyle and humble manner. The basic customary dress worn by the entirety of Tripura’s indigenous clans is classified “Rignai and Risha”. Khakloo tribes weave outstanding designed clothing. Mizoram Men like to lead a simple life. They wear the petticoat with a blue cotton fabric. It is resplendent and provides a proper suitability for many public ceremonies. Let’s together know more about Tripura and its exquisite handicrafts: In … Encircled by Bangladesh from three sides (North, South and West), and the Indian states … Tripuri women in the rural households prefer to weave their own risa and rinai which are part of their traditional dress. During the festival seasons and the dance performance movement, they wore extra clothing and beautiful jewelry. Traditional dress of Tripura.